Couples With Better Sex Lives Are More Likely to Cheat, Study Claims

We thought we knew what drove people to cheat, but it seems we were quite wrong. Even people who have great sex lives are still being cheated on, what in the world does all of this mean?

While most of us assume the better your sex life is within your relationship the less likely cheating is to occur, right? Well, apparently that is completely wrong. More recent research has shown that having good sex might be what drives our partner’s to be more likely to cheat. Yes, the better our sex lives are the more likely it is we will be cheated on, isn’t that lovely?

This suggesting that people who are really getting enjoyment from their sexual lives are more likely to be unfaithful as they seek out sex with more partners. This research came from researchers at the Florida State University (FSU). In this study, they followed the lives of over 200 newly married couples for almost 4 whole years.

Their findings were published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. They recorded intimate details about the relationships of these newlyweds. This ranging from marital satisfaction to whether or not they were cheating. The researcher’s aim was to see if they could figure out the factors that could determine whether or not someone was more likely to cheat.

While they did figure that out they also found that attractive women were slightly more likely to remain faithful than less attractive women. However, when it came to men the more attractive they were the more likely they were to cheat. They also found that faithful people also downgraded how attractive they viewed other people. They gave lower scores when asked to gauge how attractive people outside their relationships were than those who went on to cheat.

Those working on this study wrote as follows on FSU’s website:

These findings are more important than ever. The divorce rate in the United States ranges between 40 and 50 percent, and the ubiquity of social media makes it easier to connect with others. There is a compelling need, the researchers concluded, to develop new ways that help people maintain long-term relationships.

“With the advent of social media, and thus the increased availability of access to alternative partners, understanding how people avoid the temptation posed by alternative partners may be more relevant than ever to understanding relationships.”

What do you think about all of this? It sure has put a damper on my Valentine’s day. I guess in the end there is no sure fire way to avoid being cheated on, either someone is going to cheat or they aren’t. We cannot always tell what is going to happen.

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