Some relationships are a bit closed off but others are very open. If you cannot fart in front of your partner do you really have a relationship at all?

We all fart, it is a natural part of life and when it comes to the person we end up being with forever, we need to be able to let one rip without feeling self-conscious. This is one of the truest forms of intimacy when you really think about it. Being real with one another on this level is amazing even if from afar it sounds gross.

Regardless of how you look at it, being able to fart in front of one another is also proof that you are one hundred percent comfortable with the person you are with. According to Huffington Post, many psychologists think that because of the social stigma we do not often feel free enough to do it. Even from a young age, we tend to be embarrassed by farting in front of others so there is, of course, reason as to why someone might not be as quick to let one rip and you might be but they will get there.

The couple that farts together or at least in front of one another will most likely last longer because they are on the same level. They are able to talk to one another, try new things, and be humans. That being said, it is probably not a good idea to hold the blanket over your partner’s head forcing him or her to inhale your gas. There are lines and if you look they are clearly drawn.

You should always be as respectful as possible even when letting gas go. Say excuse me and don’t waft it towards anyone else. We all feel the need to do this from time to time and should be able to do so.

DSC wrote as follows in regards on their website:

“Fart enough to show humanity, vulnerability, and closeness, but not so much as to literally drive someone out of the room (every time). Relationships need fart-free zones, just like they need talk-free zones. Ideally, we’d only let out the nicest farts, the same way we’d never blurt out a harsh truth about someone’s morning breath or tendency to tell the same bad jokes over and over. But it is simply not always possible to edit your farts. The worst farts, like the awful truth, have a way of outing themselves at inopportune times. That’s the thing about farts. It’s also the thing about love.”

For more information on how close farting could bring you and your partner feel free to check out the video below. Have you ever really thought about this? I for one am quite intrigued.

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