Psychologists use the incredible power of imagery in a number of ways throughout their practice, from positive visualization to the secrets about our inner self that are revealed through studying our perception of a specific image. In fact, through the use of visualization exercises, one may even be able to predict what is to come in the future!

One of the earliest uses of imagery in psychology was the Rorschach Test, better known as the ‘inkblot test.’ Participants were shown a number of ambiguous inkblot cards and asked to identify what they saw. While the answers may vary significantly, each answer provided an interesting insight into the subconscious, inner thoughts and true personality of those providing them.

From here, the use of imagery has changed and evolved over the years, both in professional practice as well as on a more entertaining level. Thanks to the ease of sharing information on social media, platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow us to enjoy tests revealing our hidden fears, greatest fantasies, personality quirks and more.

The following test uses a series of photographs of various destinations, paths, and getaways. Without thinking about your decision, look at these 8 photographs and listen to your guy. Which path immediately speaks to you? If time and money weren’t an option, which path would you embark upon? Your choice will reveal some interesting information about your future!

Look at these 8 photographs and select which path you would like to travel:

Remember, don’t allow yourself to think about it! Trust your first impression. Once you have chosen a path, find the same image below to discover what secrets your selection will reveal about your future. Does this line up with your goals and dreams, or did you discover something new and interesting about yourself?

The Strategist

While many people find themselves caught up in the excitement of the world we live in, going with the following and allowing society to guide their future, the strategist refuses to hand over control in this way. Instead, you take the time to think through all of your options, planning out a clear path for the coming days. You never make a decision in life without first considering the pros and cons, ensuring that you account for every variable. Just be careful not to spend so much time planning that you forget to act on your plans altogether! Finding the balance between planning and execution will bring you great success.

The Motivator

You believe that life is about more than just where you personally are headed. Instead, you measure your success in life by how many others you can help to reach their own goals and dreams. You aren’t afraid to make personal sacrifices throughout this process so long as it is for the greater good. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks the same way. Be cautious about the intentions of those that you welcome into your life, as you will often find that your kind heart and generous nature are being taken advantage of. If you surround yourself with true friends, you have a lifetime of happiness ahead.

The Perfectionist

While you like to give the impression that you are open-minded and accepting of anyone and everyone, this isn’t always the case. In fact, you set the bar impossibly high for what you believe should be accepted in this life, expectations that most people will fall short of. Driving others away, this will often leave you feeling alone. You don’t have to settle for a life of solitude, however, in order to turn this around you will have to learn how to accept the imperfections of those around you. It may not be easy, but it will be worth it. If you are able to make this shift in your thinking, then you will travel the path toward finding your true love.

The Specialist

You are full of natural talent, capable of mastering anything that you set your mind to accomplishing. This may sometimes annoy others as you can pick up any hobby or activity quickly and with incredible ease. Don’t allow yourself to fall into a routine or comfort zone, settling for being the best at something simply because you find it easy. Instead, take some time to truly consider your passions and desires, discovering your calling in life. While it may be intimidating to step into the unknown, a lifetime of happiness and success awaits you.

The Critic

While most people who meet you in life may describe you as a total pessimist you deny it. Instead, you chose to identify as a realist, someone who refuses to be caught up in a dreamland where everything magically works out. Unfortunately, this thinking can sometimes border on the overly negative and may actually be tearing you down. There is nothing wrong with choosing to see the facts in life, but be careful not to fixate on only a select few, overlooking all the positive that this life has to offer. Your ability to separate fact from fiction will lead you to great success so long as you allow yourself to maintain some positivity and hope in the face of adversity.

The Visionary

A dreamer among dreamers, you refuse to be limited by the rules and expectations of the world around you. You spend a great deal of time with your head in the clouds, envisioning a perfect world. This can work both for and against you. On one hand, you need to ensure that you are maintaining a clear grasp on reality in order to maximize your efforts in this life. However, this doesn’t mean to let go of your dreaming ways! By thinking outside the box, you will find yourself discovering unique and otherwise unknown solutions to some of life’s greatest problems, making a name for yourself and creating a legacy in this world.

The Philosopher

People may see you as antisocial or unapproachable, but it isn’t that you don’t enjoy the company of others. You are highly in tune with your own thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and spend much of your time looking inside yourself rather than focusing on the world around you. This level of introspection and self-reflection can cause you to pull away from others. At the same time, however, it will empower you to grow and evolve into the best version of yourself. Align yourself with like-minded individuals, empowering and encouraging one another. You will have an incredible future filled with solid friendships so long as you don’t get lost in your own thoughts.

The Architect

A skilled creator and problem solver, you take great joy in your ability to find innovative ways to overcome life’s greatest challenges. It’s not that you need the acceptance and admiration of others to be happy, but you can’t deny that receiving praise for your work is highly rewarding! You are heavily involved in your community, working to better it at every turn. Calm in the face of life’s challenges, your ability to see past your fears and emotions to create and execute a solution is a skill that others look up to, allowing you to be an effective leader. You are an instrument of change and will leave behind a great legacy for those who wish to follow in your footsteps.

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