The desire to understand our personality and inner self is one that has fascinated the human population for centuries. In fact, we have been so captivated by this aspect of our minds that there is an entire branch of psychology dedicated to its study, better known as Personality Psychology.

The study of our personality focuses on a number of factors including our pattern of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. By understanding these traits, we can predict the way in which we will respond to various situations that we encounter in the world, from stress to achievement, loss, and grieving to the experience of facing the unknown. Despite the incredible amount of time, energy and research that has already gone into the topic, we continue to discover new and exciting aspects of our personality with each new generation of psychologists.

In 1937, Gordon Allport, an American psychologist and one of the founding figures of personality psychology, introduced the idea that there are two main ways to study the concept of personality – Nomothetic psychology which focused on general laws that could apply to large groups of people, and Idiographic psychology which focused on the unique personality traits associated with a single individual. The combination of the two studies would provide for a detailed and comprehensive picture of the traits and characteristics that, together, make up an individual’s sense of personal identity.

While the study of personality psychology is still alive and well today, the fascination has branched out from the professional world of psychology to the average American. With the vast knowledge base of the internet at our fingertips, we are captivated by all that we can discover about ourselves, drawn to all sorts of personality tests ranging from the more professional, detailed and thorough Myer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to the entertaining quizzes and picture personality tests that continue to circulate social media.

These picture personality tests use the concept of perception in order to reveal hidden aspects of your mind. By asking you to select what part of an image you see first, or which image you find yourself drawn to, they reveal the details that capture your attention and focus. This concept of perception is similar to the theory behind the popular Ink Blot Test.

The following test will ask you to select a single image from the line of 4. Don’t stop to think about or analyze the images, follow your gut instinct and go with the image that first speaks to you with no regard to the ‘why’ in the equation. Once you have selected an image, read on to discover what this reveals about your personality.

Select an image, then read on to find out what it reveals about your personality:

If you chose scene #1

Those who are drawn to the first image are incredibly imaginative individuals. Your mind is always on the go, discovering your next big goal or dream. The good news, however, is that dreaming isn’t your only skill. In fact, you are an incredibly well-rounded person with the ability to take these dreams, create a realistic and workable plan, and put this plan into action. It is for this reason that you see great success throughout your life. You are hardworking, loyal and reliable, and this carries through into your relationships. With no interest in wasting your time collecting a long list of acquaintances, you focus instead on developing a small but high-quality inner circle of friends and family that you hold very dear to your heart.

If you chose scene #2

The second image will appeal most to those of you who are kind, loving and generous to a fault. You are incredibly sensitive and compassionate, caring greatly for everyone in your life. This causes you to draw people to you everywhere you grow, extending your social circle to include anyone and everyone who wishes to share in your joy and optimism. You will give all that you have to others with no thought of yourself and your own needs, which is why you need a few close friends or family members to remind you of the importance of self-care from time to time. There is nothing more that you want in life than to bring love and happiness to the world.

If you chose scene #3

With a higher than average intelligence, those who are drawn to the third picture see the life in a more logical and practical way. These are the people who will genuinely shape the world with their unique perception of the world around them, willing to do whatever it takes to make their mark on society. They are driven and motivated, and incredibly skilled in the area of problem-solving and reading other people. While they surround themselves with a fairly large group of friends, they only reveal their true vulnerable side to a very select few. At the end of the day, they pride themselves on being strong and independent, determined that they don’t need anyone.

If you chose scene #4

Last, but certainly not least, those who find their attention drawn to the fourth picture are the peacekeepers of the world. There is nothing they love more than harmony and balance, working to solve any conflicts that they encounter by simply bringing the world together as a united front. They preach calmness, tranquility, and understanding, with a strong desire to bring an end to the hatred, violence, and negativity that plagues the world that we live in. While this may sound like an overwhelming and over the top goal, they don’t see it as such. Instead, they wake up each morning determined to transform even one more heart, slowly spreading their message of peace and love throughout the world.

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