Getting the right amount of sleep, as well as the right kind of sleep, can be crucial these days. Sure we all know that eight hours is best but could we be doing something else that is sabotaging our progress?

Below you will find a list of things that have been said to happen when we sleep on our right sides versus sleeping on the left side. While it may not seem like much these things will have a wonderful impact on your life. What do you think about all of this?

Why Sleeping on Your Right Side is A Huge No-No:

1. Sleeping on your left side removes toxins.

For those who do not know, sleeping on your left side helps the lymphatic system. This system is very important to us especially as we grow.. In sleeping on this side you are removing toxins and waste.

2. Sleeping on the right side leaves you feeling less rested.

Those who sleep on the left side often feel far more relaxed than the rest. This is something they have learned to deal with but it still bothers then even now. It is as if they are in a competition with one another,

3. Sleeping on your left side gets rid of snoring.

Sleeping on the left side is known to be beneficial to those with something called sleep apnea. It gets rid of snoring in those who snore all the time and is a lifesaver. If done correctly you will benefit greatly.

4. Sleeping on your left side helps improve digestive issues.

The small intestine dumps waste into the large intestine and travels up the belly across the tummy and so forthright? When this is disrupted you will notice a change. When we sleep on our left side this move is simply doing its part.

5. Sleeping on your left side helps relieve a sensitive stomach.

Sleeping on your right side can actually increase this as weird as it may sound. Have you ever noticed a sensitive stomach after sleeping on your right side? I feel as if I have now that I am thinking about it.

6. Your Stomach and Pancreas will thank you for sleeping on the left side.

When we lie on the right side our stomach and pancreas are hanging in an uncomfortable position for one another. On the left-side our organs are resting and working properly. When we encourage our digestive process through this we will be seeing tons of benefits.


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