Chemtrails Of the Ocean: Government Launches New Toxic AquaTrails

While conspiracy theorists and scientists alike have spoken in great detail regarding chemtrails, there may be a new phenomenon on the horizon that is very similar that many don’t know about: AquaTrails. AquaTrails, according to various reports have been seen to be emitting from large water vessels.

Furthermore, according to such claims, these emissions do not seem to dissipate normally, like other trails behind vessels.

Oceonographers from the Wyoming Institute of Technology have begun calling such trails ‘Aquatrails.’ However, other scientists have quickly attempted to dismiss such claims by referring to them as conspiracy theories.

Beginning in the 1900s, claims which originated on an award-winning bulletin board service named The Well began to circulate stating that something wasn’t quite right with the world’s oceans. Many had noticed strange trails or emissions following behind Israeli military crafts and Chinese container ships. Just as chemical trails in the sky tend to take much longer to dissipate compared to other formations, the AquaTrails also seemed to stick around for lengthy periods of time.

Among those claims, such trails were reported to be yellowish in hue, with others reportedly being blue or green. Furthermore, they appeared to be bubbly and frothy on top of the ocean’s surface.

Included in the reasoning for the dismissal of such claims were that the trails were nothing more than ‘propeller wash’ or ‘tail eddies.’ And while propeller wash is a common sight for boaters, the patterns reported as aquatrails seemed to have a much different pattern than traditionally seen. Unfortunately, federally funded scientific organizations have refused to study such phenomenon, and the government has refused to comment. 

For the most part, many remain puzzled regarding what an aquatrail consists of. But, a few clues have come to the surface. Included in those, is the incidence of a complex compound known as monomethyl mercury in the ocean. According to one scientist,

“Here’s the mystery: Most of the mercury that enters the ocean from sources on land or air is just the element mercury, a form that poses little danger because living things can get rid of it quickly. The kind of mercury that accumulates to toxic levels in fish is called monomethyl mercury, or simply methylmercury because it has a methyl group, CH3, attached to the mercury atom.

“The problem is that we don’t know where methylmercury comes from. Not nearly enough of it enters the ocean to account for the amounts we find in fish. Somewhere, somehow, something in the ocean itself is converting relatively harmless mercury into the much more dangerous methylated form.”

Dangerous levels of mercury have been found in a variety of edible fish, which poses a variety of risk factors to humanity. A public health crisis has been observed in pregnant women who are more dependent on fish proteins than the average person. Such contamination has also been associated with brain impairment in the brain development of fetuses.

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