Since the horrible events transpired years ago in Fukushima, the entire world has been discovering just how terrible the fallout to such an event can be. Even now, we are finding radioactive fallout in the most random situations. For instance, California wine!

While we’ve seen contaminated seafood, water, and other things of the sort wine was not something we ever thought would have to be added to this list until recently. Fukushima’s signature has been found in Northern California wine just late July and while it isn’t believed to be dangerous, it is truly shocking. For this study researchers tested 18 bottles of California rosé and cabernet sauvignon from around 2009 and forward.

They noted increased levels of radioactive particles in all of the wine they tested after Fukushima’s disaster occurred and in some cases, its presence was actually doubled. This is to be expected in some ways but is not something many people really take the time to consider. Wines made around the same time as nuclear events occurring are going to show higher levels of radioactive isotopes. This can be noticed for things like the Chernobyl accident and even nuclear testing back in the Cold War Era.

The Smithsonian reported as follows on these findings:

Although ingestion of cesium-137 can elevate individuals’ risk of cancer, the World Health Organization states that levels of Fukushima radioactive materials found in food and drink outside of Japan are too low to pose a public health hazard.

In lieu of the new findings, the California Department of Public Health reiterated these reassurances: There are no “health and safety concerns to California residents,” spokesperson Corey Egel said in a statement provided to the New York Times. “This report does not change that.”

To study co-author Pravikoff, the study is more about scientific curiosity than a tangible threat to public safety.

“I just bought [the wines], just to see,” he tells the New York Times’ Zaveri. “It is more for the purely scientific aspect that we were interested in measuring them.”

This is a very interesting find and really shows that the effects of something so drastic can last on into the years. The future has been impacted by the events we refer to as the Fukushima disaster as well as other nuclear incidents. What do you think about all of this?

Image via Natural Blaze

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