The Woolsey fire has burned through a nuclear meltdown site and this could mean a lot for those in California. Some are afraid that the air could become toxic despite officials claiming otherwise.

The site currently owned by Boeing was supposed to have been cleaned up years ago but is still quite radioactive. It is known as the Santa Susana Field Laboratory, and according to PSR LA, the California Department of Toxic Substances Control said that its staff did not believe that the fire would cause or had caused any release of hazardous materials that would pose a risk to the public. However, most residents have little trust in statements like these.

PSR LA describes the site itself as follows:

Nuclear reactor accidents, including a famous partial meltdown, tens of thousands of rocket engine tests, and sloppy environmental practices have left SSFL polluted with widespread radioactive and chemical contamination. Government-funded studies indicate increased cancers for offsite populations associated with proximity to the site, and that contamination migrates offsite over EPA levels of concern. In 2010, DTSC signed agreements with the Department of Energy and NASA that committed them to clean up all detectable contamination in their operational areas by 2017. DTSC also in 2010 committed to requiring Boeing, which owns most of the site, to clean up to comparable standards. But the cleanup has not yet begun, and DTSC is currently considering proposals that will leave much, if not all, of SSFL’s contamination on site permanently.

Many seem to believe that the DTSC is downplaying the risks in regards to this situation. The contamination at the SSFL site is something locals are completely terrified of. And with numerous incidents taking place since the 1950’s, many believe the site to be responsible for various cancers in their children.  Radiation has been released here on a huge scale.

RT reported on this whole ordeal and went so far as to note that back in 2016 the DTSC was found by an independent review panel that was commissioned by the California state legislature to be placing communities at risk because they had failed to perform the basic function of protecting the public. Of course, this is related to the industrial hazardous waste and contamination that is clearly present. Apparently, the DTSC was even held responsible for a scandal in which a battery recycling plant was leaking toxins into the communities surrounding it for literal decades.

This fire has brought forth a lot of devastation and this is just another terrifying turn. As things are finally dying down we will become aware of the effects in due time. It is, however, important to note that preliminary testing over the weekend has found ‘no discernible level of radiation in the tested area,’ according to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health there is nothing to be worried about right now.

Officials from several different agencies collected air samples and radiation detection units have been used all over the ‘facility’ which is almost three thousand acres. That being said, independent testing is something many are hoping will happen so that we can be sure there is no real threat or find out if there actually is. When it comes to hazardous toxins in the air, you can never be too safe.

(Image Via: Pixabay)

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