As you may be aware there is a blood moon well on its way. It is set to occur on the 27th of this month and with that comes a lot of energies.

This blood moon is going to be stirring up a lot of emotions and bringing forth a lot of recklessness within your being. While this might feel overwhelming it is not going to be as intense as you might assume it will be. Saturn will be pushing patience and decisiveness all the while this blood moon will be bringing mischief within your life.

During times like this, carrying out a ritual for the full moon or in this case, the full blood moon will help you to truly harness the energies before you. On the night of the blood moon, you should do the following if you want to bring yourself a sense of clarity. While it might not feel like much is happening, as the hours pass you will really begin to feel these energies moving through you and working within your life.

Blood Moon Ritual For Clearing and Manifesting July 2018:

(This blood moon ritual takes place in the bathtub, and it calls for a tub full of warm water, Epsom salt, essential oils, sage, and an open window.)

Step #1: Clear The Room

Basically, this is saging the room or your whole house if you choose to do so. I always prefer to use white sage, but you can use whatever kind of smudging sticks you see fit. Remind yourself during this process that you are removing all the negativity from within this area.

Step #2: Cleanse Your Aura

Run over your body with the sage stick as well. All the while letting yourself know that you are removing negativity from your body as well. Really let anything that has been pressing on your mind to melt away.

Step #3: Run a bath and Add Some Salts and Essential Oils

From this point, you need to run your bath and get things ready. Add salts and oils to your bath and really take in all that it has to offer before taking your clothes off. Really allow the heat to radiate off of the bath and relax your mind.

Step #4: Open The Window and Get Into The Bath

Open the window and allow the moonlight to beam into the room. If you want you can turn the light off and light a couple candles or bask in the moonlight itself. Get into the bath and allow yourself a moment to get comfortable.

Step #5: Begin Meditating

Once you are comfortable close your eyes and breathe deeply. Begin meditating and using your mind’s eye, really allow your life force to pulsate through you. Envision a light from the moon making its way into your body. It will radiate within your abdomen and grow until your whole body is nothing but light.

Step #6: Relax and End Things When You See Fit

Once you have done this for as long as you want to relax your mind again and close things off. You can remain in the bath, allow your mind to float off for as long as you need. When you are ready to get out of the bed feel free to do so.

While I know this might not sound like much, this ritual will really have you feeling a true sense of clarity. It will push you exactly where you need to be. Have you ever done a ritual like this one?

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