As you may know, the Aquarius blood moon will be occurring on the 27th-28th of this month, which is only a few days away. Because this full moon is going to be such an intense one, you should without a doubt be preparing a special ritual.

This full moon/lunar eclipse is going to be bringing forth some very intense energies. As they make their way here to our planet chances are that you will and have been feeling quite out of place and mixed up. If you want to make the most of the energies before you and to come you need to really put them to use.

In order to do so, you need to figure out a full moon ritual that works for you. Below I am going to go over one of the best rituals I have come across for full moons. This blood moon has so much more to offer than you might realize.

Lunar Eclipse Ritual:

Things Needed:

Some kind of smudge sticks (white sage or otherwise)
Your favorite essential oil
2-4 Candles
A bowl of warm water


Before anything, choose a room that makes you feel comfortable or a location outside that you really like. Smudge the area and cleanse the room. Once you have done this you can sit down and add some of the essential oil to the water.

Now, allow yourself to relax and sit meditating for a few minutes with your candles lit. Dip your fingers into the water and really put forth in your mind the thought of moving forward and releasing everything that has been holding you back. Call on the energies of the blood moon and with your mind’s eye see the light coming from the moon and radiating within your body.

Sit doing this until you have received the amount of energy you see fit. Really allow yourself to just embrace all that is to come. During this time, nothing should be holding you back or pulling you down.

Once you have finished pour the water outside and take in some of the moonlight before you. This will really have you feeling a lot different. These energies will work wonders in your life.

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