It has been four years since Robin Williams took his own life. He had a very long and damning battle with depression and ultimately was not able to overcome it in the end.

The day Robin Williams died (August 11th, 2014) was one that really shook people all over. Without his beautiful soul, this planet just didn’t feel right. He left us all feeling a little lost. The films he was in are still even now some of the most inspirational and smile bringing you will ever come across.

He was 63 years old when he took his own life and even in his last few years he wanted to bring a smile to the faces of all he came across. Most of us would have never imagined someone so upbeat and positive could have been facing such demons on the inside. That being said, depression was one of many things that seem to have contributed to him taking his own life.

“Many newspapers always talk about how many people have died, but they never say how many people have lived.”
― Robin Williams

To read more about his death and hear some of the things his wife had to say in regards, click here. This article is going to be all about remembering him and the amazing person he was. Williams is someone the whole world will be missing forever. He was in so many movies and had such an impact on the industry itself. He could make you laugh and make you cry without much effort.

Some of my favorite movies with him in them were Mrs. Doubtfire, Jumanji, Hook, What Dreams May Come, Flubber, and The Best of Times. He has a legacy that will go on until the end of time his death is one that hurt a lot of us as badly as if we had known him personally even if we did not. Below I am going to add a few photos and videos of Williams and I hope that you will as I have, take a moment to really put him on your mind.

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