Coming off the heels of an intense and complicated month of July, the month of August isn’t about to offer us any relief. This is a month of high energy, with multiple planets still in retrograde movement, and the coming full moon, so prepare yourself because here we go!

If there is one thing that we have become all too familiar with this summer, it’s the concept of planetary retrograde and the profound way that this shift in movement can impact our lives. From the miscommunication and chaos of Mercury Retrograde, though to the intense spirituality of Neptune Retrograde, we’ve felt it all, and then some! Each of these planets has its own unique and meaningful influence on our lives, and the best way to survive this heightened energy is to start by recognizing and accepting its impact. Have you noticed that something is ‘off’ or ‘weird’ this month? Maybe it’s time to start doing some research! Take a look at each of the planets in retrograde movement at some point during the month of August (Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune) and the way that it is predicted to influence your life, specifically in relation to your zodiac sign. You may be surprised!

Adding to the already intense energy of the month, the movement of the Moon adds another important level to the energy that we are feeling. Often overlooked or underestimated, it is important to realize just how important the moon’s energy is to our lives. While the sun rules over our personality and the way that others perceive us, the moon’s focus is more internal. The ‘Ruler of Emotions’, the moon can intensify the way you feel about a given situation, focus your emotional energy on a specific area of your life, or, when it’s at it’s most chaotic, trigger incredible mood swings and confusion.

On August 26th we will experience the next full moon. While most of us associate the full moon with craziness and chaos, understanding the reason for this erratic behavior may help you to better manage the situation. The full moon doesn’t actually make people ‘crazy’, however, it is the highest point emotionally. For this reason, any feelings of anger, hostility, etc. are heightened. When driven by such over the top feelings, it is no wonder that many people end up acting in a way that appears a little insane. However, the full moon doesn’t just heighten the negative emotions! Harness this power for good and you can propel yourself forward in a positive way!

Are you prepared for everything this month still has in store? Check out the energy calendar for the second half of August 2018:

August 16th:

– The Moon enters into Scorpio at 9:54 AM UTC

August 18th:

– The Moon will reach the First Quarter stage at 8:48 AM UTC

– The Moon enters into Sagittarius at 5:44 PM UTC

August 19th:

– Mercury goes Direct at 12:18 AM UTC

August 21st:

– The Moon enters into Capricorn at 5:00 AM UTC

– Under the Native American Zodiac, the ‘Month of the Salmon’ ends

August 22nd:

– Under the Native American Zodiac, the ‘Month of the Bear’ begins

– Under the Traditional Zodiac, the ‘Month of Leo’ ends

August 23rd:

– The Moon enters into Aquarius at 5:55 PM UTC

– Under the Traditional Zodiac, the ‘Month of Virgo’ begins

August 26th:

– The Moon enters into Pisces at 6:32 AM UTC

– The Moon reaches the Full Moon stage in Pisces at 12:56 PM UTC

August 27th:

– Mars goes Direct at 5:35 PM UTC

August 28th:

– The Moon enters into Aries at 5:35 PM UTC

August 31st:

– The Moon enters into Taurus at 2:30 AM UTC

Image via Julia Catona 

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