The August full moon is going to be one of the most eventful full moons of the year. It is going to really bring forth a sense of peace and in many ways can be viewed as a literal turning point for many of us.

During this full moon, you should really take a little while to reflect on how far you have come. Sure, you’re not exactly where you want to be, but you’re working on it and you’ve made it so far already. This life has thrown so much at you and you have overcome it all.

The full moon of August will occur on the 26th. This will bring with it a very interesting energy force. It will have you feeling quite imaginative and ready to step outside of the box. You will be more open to new things and ready to really make a difference in the lives around you.

You see, the things going on in the celestial world have been quite overwhelming and this full moon is the Universe’s way of giving you a break all the while pushing you forward. It will bring you closer to success than you ever thought you could come. These energies will be under the influence of Pisces which means they will be very harmonious and melodic in many ways.

They will be gentle and compassionate all the while forcing you to grow. This is the breath of fresh air you’ve been waiting for and needing for so long. As you may know July and August until just days ago were very intense. This intensity is not something a person can handle for long when you are face to face with things like that eventually they will become hard to handle.

While the places this full moon takes you will make you much more comfortable you shouldn’t be as quick to let your guard down. Know that sometimes life can be painful and if we are put in a painful situation it is for a reason. Nothing in life is random.

This August full moon is meant to really help us figure out our life journeys and where we need to move to next. It will give you some kind of peace even if for a moment. You can trust in the power of this full moon to really work wonders on your life.

For more information on this full moon and what it might hold for you feel free to check out the video below. Sure, there is a lot headed your way but you can handle it. Give yourself some time and remember that self-care is extremely important.

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