While August brought us an ample amount of celestial events, and cosmic energy shifts, it seems that the trend isn’t going to end any time soon. Instead, we are in for yet another wild ride…

As the power of the Leo becomes more prominent in our lives, many of us will be experiencing different things. August is going to be a month of forward pushing and frustration even if we don’t want it to be. Highlights include the partial solar eclipse, Jupiter trine Neptune, Uranus stations retrograde, and Mercury and Mars stationing direct close to the end of the month on the 19th and the 27th. You can expect to feel as if the whole world is against you for the first few weeks of August but as things get closer to the full moon a shift will occur.


August 11th will mark the partial solar eclipse and it will be bringing quite a bit of change along with it. You will be forced to think more and act less, which is not always a bad thing. The more thought you put forward the better, right? Getting yourself where you need to be mentally will benefit you overall.

Now, while Mercury won’t be going direct until August 19th, once it does you will notice a huge shift. You will feel much calmer and your nerves will no longer have you on edge. It will feel as if the things stressing you are finally melting away. Expressing yourself will become easier and everything will feel a bit more harmonious for at least a moment.

If you are able to remain as collected as possible the personal growth you will find will truly benefit you and make a difference in your life. The full moon on the 26th will be one of the most supportive full moons we have had this year and will really begin to help us grow even more. Serious changes are going to be made in this month and by the time the full moon rolls around, they will all make sense.

Any power struggles you have been facing are going to be dying down and you are really going to be working towards getting back to normal for the time being. All of the tension and complications you have brought out from July are going to be worked through and over with by the time September rolls around.

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