While we were not lucky enough to see the lunar eclipse here in the US, the rest of the world got a good glimpse it seems. As the longest lunar eclipse of the century, it was quite a sight to behold, and while I couldn’t see it first hand, I was able to find these amazing photographs online!

Photos have been flooding the internet all day of this marvelous event and some of those photos are truly breathtaking. If you were like me and were unable to view the blood moon then seeing all of those images really made your day a bit brighter. It is amazing to see what things looked like in different parts of the world.

Some of the best images I have seen of the blood moon were actually captured by the European Space Agency astronaut Alexander Gerst. Astronauts on board the International Space Station without a doubt had the best view of this beautiful event. Gerst Tweeted out the photos he got of the blood moon and you can see Mars just below the moon in the background of them.

One of Gerst’s Tweets read as follows:

“A partially eclipsed Moon, with our neighboring planet in the background, just before diving into Earth’s atmosphere. Just magical.”

To see some of his photos take a look below. They are all quite interesting to see. Think about it, he took these from much further away than anyone else taking photos of the blood moon and was the closest person to the actual event itself. Could you imagine being on the ISS and seeing such a wondrous event occur?

Credit: Alexander Gerst/Astro_Alex


Credit: Alexander Gerst/Astro_Alex


Credit: Alexander Gerst/Astro_Alex


Just looking at things like this really makes us all seem so much smaller than we are. We are truly nothing when you look at how big everything else truly is. Take a look below for some more really beautiful photos of the blood moon and if you want to, feel free to check out the footage from the blood moon at the end of this article. I truly wish I could have been able to see this event in person.

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