The first day of summer is on the Summer Solstice which takes place on June 21st. These summer months are going to be quite interesting and being aware of their energies is important.

We are currently in spring which is also important to note. Spring has brought forth a lot of unique emotions and the Sun being in Gemini has us longing much more than we have this past year. We are renewing our sense of sensitivity and really welcoming all that is to come during this time.


June is about to begin and it will bring with it a very cheerful mood that we can and will all benefit from. The first couple weeks of June will still be ruled by the energies left over from the full moon on May 29th so don’t worry too much if you’re feeling conflicted when this time comes, it is to be expected. Mid-month things are going to really heat up as Venus will be square Uranus on Thursday around the 14th. This is going to really push your love life to follow a frantic and frustrating course. Just keep yourself open and let whatever is going to happen, happen.

There will be a new moon on June 13th as well so Venus becoming Square Uranus just a day later will be even more confusing. This new moon is going to fall at 22 degrees Gemini and bring forth a very active imagination for us all. New moons are all about planting seeds and starting fresh. During the new moon, we would be really becoming more in tune with our guts and inner beings.

As the end of June nears we will have 5 planets in retrograde and plenty of energies working with and against one another. Serious decisions are going to be made and change is going to be happening. While we will be getting a moment to relax near the end of June as July approaches things are going to be a lot more fun than they have been as well.


During this month there will be a lot more room for communication. While this will also open up room for conflict it does allow you to work through that conflict. From beginning to middle the month in itself is going to be seemingly comfortable for the most part but once the Sun enters Leo on the 22nd things are going to become quite unstable. You will want to jump right out of your current situation and into something adventurous so that you won’t have to face it. Delaying commitments is not the right route to go, do your best to stay on the path you need to be on.

Just do your best to protect yourself as this month goes by and don’t get too frustrated. When the month comes to an end you will have really stepped out of your comfort zone in some big ways. While there will be several astrological events this month the energies will be dying down and not as conflicting so breaking them down right now is not necessary.


August’s beginning will be very much like a breath of fresh air. You will be pushed to really enjoy yourself more and get things done. You will be learning as Venus lands in Leo that pleasing everyone around you is not possible and that focusing on yourself and what you want in this world is going to get you far. There will be many different celestial events coming to a close in this month so the energies themselves will be continuing to die down.

On Saturday of the 11th, there will be a New Moon in Leo and this will have us all backtracking. The night after will bring the Perseids meteor shower and mark Mars’ entry into Capricorn so plenty of things will be to come. By the time August ends we will all have experienced a lot over the summer in itself. We will have built ourselves up and managed to make memories we would not have made without these energies before us.

I know there is a lot more to the celestial world than just these things but this overview should give you a good idea of what is to come. As these events move forward updates will ensue. Buckle up and sit back, this summer will be one to remember.

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