As the World is Distracted by Mark Zuckerberg’s Appearance Before Congress, We Are About to Enter WW3

Sure, we have been hearing a lot of things lately about Facebook and Zuckerberg going before Congress, but meanwhile, there are a lot of terrifying things going on in the world. Below we are going to go over something that everyone needs to be aware of.

While this Facebook controversy has everyone distracted there are many things going on in the world. We are currently closer to ‘world war 3′ than we have been in the past few years. I know tensions have been rising for quite some time now, but this really takes the cake. The United States’ policy of regime change in Syria has really done some damage.

United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley said as follows on Monday at an emergency meeting with the United Nation’s Security Council:

“The Russian regime, whose hands are also covered in the blood of Syrian children, cannot be shamed by pictures of its victims. We’ve tried that before. Russia could stop this senseless slaughter if it wanted, but stands with the Assad regime and supports it without hesitation.”

“Russia’s obstructionism will not continue to hold us, hostage when we are confronted with an attack like this one. Either way, the United States will respond.”

This all coming in the midst of unverified reports of sarin gas being used on innocent civilians. Soon after all of this was said (in the presence of Russian council members as well) President Trump promised to respond within 48 hours to these potentially ‘false flag’ gas attacks. For anyone who may not know, just less than a month ago the Russiam military actually predicted this scene.

CNBC actually reported as follows in regards to Russia predicting this at the time:

“The Russian military has threatened action against the US if it strikes Syria’s capital of Damascus, according to multiple news reports.

The threat, by chief of Russia’s General Staff Valery Gerasimov, was widely reported by Russian media sites such as state news agency RIA and Tass. It said Gerasimov said Russia had “reliable information” about militants preparing to falsify a government chemical attack against civilians.”

That being said, in this day and age, the lines are so blurred it is hard to tell who is being honest at any given moment. Regardless though, people have died and someone is to blame. Just earlier today, President Trump announced that he has approved military strikes in Syria.

According to FoxNews:

“Trump said the US is prepared to ‘sustain’ pressure on Assad until he ends what the president called a criminal pattern of killing his own people with internationally banned chemical weapons. It wasn’t immediately clear whether Trump meant the allied military operation would extend beyond the initial nighttime round of missile strikes.”

What do you think about all of this? Could it just be another push towards controlling Syria for selfish reasons or is there more to it than that?

Image via The Anti-Media

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