“The Cosmos is within us. We are made of starstuff. The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars.” —Carl Sagan


As the words of the infamous Carl Sagan suggest, each and every one of us is made from ‘starstuff’ – cosmic materials and energies designed by the Universe as a piece in it’s overall bigger picture. While we are all connected to the Universe, not all of us feel as though we call Earth our original ‘home.’

Starseeds are beings that, at one time in their existence, experienced life somewhere else in the Universe. This may include in a non-physical dimension, or even on another planet. The Universe sends these beings to walk on Earth as a guide and helper for the human population, assisting in their journey towards spiritual awakening. They are often blessed with gifts to assist them in their efforts including that of channeling, spiritual education, and healing. They are usually sent here with a specific purpose, or mission, which is the focus of their life whether they are aware of it yet or not.

Empaths, on the other hand, are psychic beings here on Earth that are highly skilled in their ability to tune into the feelings and emotions of others around them. This ability to truly understand and connect with the struggles of those that they encounter allows them to be powerful healers, bringing love, light, happiness, acceptance, and forgiveness into the lives of those who may currently be facing a struggle or challenge.

Source: Your Empath Destiny


It is important to note that one can be a Starseed, an empath, or, in many cases, a combination of the two. Not all Starseeds are empaths, and not all empaths are Starseeds. In order to truly understand our calling and purpose on this planet, we must first distinguish where we fit into these definitions, and what this role means for us overall.

Most of those who identify as Starseeds are also empaths by definition. Incredibly connected with the Universe and highly intuitive, it is no wonder that they are often able to tap into the energies and emotions of the people that they meet in order to better understand their lives. As a Starseed, you must still remember to keep your mission as your main focus and top priority. This is where the definitions differ.

As a Starseed, you are strong, courageous and fearless when you reach the planet, prepared to do whatever it may take to reach your goal and accomplish the mission that you have set out to accomplish. In time, however, if you allow yourself to be too distracted by the feelings of those around you, their fear can creep into your mind and your heart. Fears, concerns and worries that never existed before now plague your thoughts, holding you back from moving forward in your mission. Try to remind yourself that you do not have to accept the fears, emotions and feelings of others, focusing on those that you are experiencing first hand, such as determination and courage.

If you are a Starseed you have been sent here with a very important mission before you, and failing to accomplish that mission will mean letting the Universe itself down. How are you supposed to share your light with others to guide them in their spiritual journey if you let the fears of another put your own light out?

While it may be difficult, you need to actively focus on your mission. Don’t disregard others in your life, your love and compassion is part of what motivates and empowers you in life, however, always ensure that you have a clear understanding of your priorities first. Your mission is bigger than you, never forget that.

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