A sloth sanctuary in Oregon offers visitors to experience sloths like they never have before. This being the sloth sleepover program at the Zoological Wildlife Conservation Center in Rainer, Oregon. Basically, for a mere 600 bucks, you are able to book a two-person tent that allows you access to 15 sloths and a Q & A.

While they do not necessarily allow open visits during the day you can visit if you make reservations. (You can click here to access their site as you would need to make reservations for the sloth sleepover as well). They try to keep the number of daily visits low as to not stress out the sloths as they are more of a sanctuary for the sloths who need a place to go. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to get the change to hang out with these fascinating creatures?

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Their Website explains as follows in regards to included accommodations:

Lawnchairs, double-sized safety-screened tent cot, double-sized mattress, sheets, pillows and pillowcases, shared porta-potty, human-powered hand-washing station, flashlight, shared TV with satellite programming (no internet access).

Also, their guidelines are as follows:

~Long sleeves, long pants, and closed-toed shoes are REQUIRED for the bonus portion of your visit as you could get scratched by the nails for your mystery critter guest.
~Shorts, t-shirt, sandals are allowed inside the sloth habitat as it is very hot and humid — footwear is mandatory.
~To be able to feed (not necessarily pet) the arboreal sloths, guests must be able to reach up at least 62″.
~This species is not scooter or power-chair friendly.
~Only one building is “wheelchair accessible.” Email us to reserve manual wheelchair space. The building can only accommodate one MANUAL wheelchair per session.
~Toilet facilities are non-handicap outhouse style.
~Bring your own drinks – NON-BREAKABLE – NO GLASS — no alcoholic beverages.
~DO NOT feed the sloths anything other than what we supply.
~Sleeping arrangements may not be handicap accessible, depending on degree of impairment — remember you are INSIDE the sloths’ habitat.
~Guests will be limited to the bare minimum of personal possessions inside the camp habitat. Most items will need to be stored inside guests’ vehicles. Cameras, chargers, reading material, drinks are all perfectly acceptable inside the camp habitats. Guests will have free access to items stored in their vehicles through the evening. Guest vehicles are parked inside facility security gates and within easy access to guests.

Now, if you don’t want to spend as much you can always just opt for the cheaper less intense option. They offer many different sloth options at their location be it a mere hour-long session during the day or something else entirely. If you have not yet checked out the Zoological Wildlife Conservation Center and home of these adorable Sloths you should, it really seems like a great place.


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