It seems in recent times Amazon’s web service has had some unexpected issues. The company claims they’ve managed to repel off the largest DDoS attack they’ve ever faced. 

Now, for those who are not aware DDoS stands for ‘distributed denial of service’ and these kinds of attacks are basically something that happens in an attempt to make a site crash. Through this those pushing them out work to send out huge amounts of requests until the site cannot handle them anymore and it fails. 

According to BBC, this attack happened in February and had fired over 2 Tbps at them. You can read more about this attack by clicking here. This attack at the moment is being noted as the ‘largest’ of its kind ever recorded and is quite mind-blowing for a lot of reasons. 

Tech Radar wrote as follows on this topic:

The DDoS attack mitigated by AWS Shield in February of this year now holds the record for the largest of its kind yet. 

The previous record is held by a 1.7 Tbps attack which was mitigated by Netscout Arbor back in March of 2018 and a month before that, GitHub was hit with a 1.3 Tbps DDoS attack.

Both the Netscout and GitHub DDoS attacks abused Memcached servers which were exposed on the internet in order to reach massive bandwidths. During that time, Memcached was a new DDoS attack vector, and cybercriminals abused over 100,000 Memcached servers.

Recently though, DDoS attacks have declined in both number and frequency as a result of ISPs, content delivery networks, and other internet businesses working together to secure vulnerable Memcached systems. However, Kaspersky released a report last year that said DDoS attacks were on the rise as more DDoS-for-hire websites were launched.

As noted by BBC the largest previous attack of this type was only roughly 1.7Tbps so this one was much larger in comparison. While this kind of attack is simple and can be fought off within reason it is quite interesting to learn about. With protection services working hard to keep things like this from following through we should all feel a bit safer knowing this one worked out properly. 

To learn more about this take a peek at the video below. I for one am blown away. What do you think about this? I guess as time passes attacks online will get more and more powerful but knowing that those working to fight against such things are doing a good job keeping them at bay should help us all to feel a bit better.

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