Alan Watts Describes the Problem With the Modern Day ‘Rat Race’ In This Powerful Video

By September 5, 2017 Video

We are raised with a very clear path to success laid out before us – go to school, get good grades, get a job, and work hard until retirement. While this path may have been effective at one time in the history of this country, with large companies providing for substantial pensions and retirement benefits for their seasoned workers, this is no longer a recipe for success in today’s society!

As a child, we are told that we can be anything that we put our minds to, creating an endless array of goals and dreams that we may or may not choose to pursue in the coming years. As we finish high school we are forced to select the direction of our career goals, heading off to college with a specific job or career in mind. You may obtain a degree, maybe even go as far as a Masters, but all this book knowledge is with the intention of settling into a career that will make you happy and successful, right?

We start out on the ground floor of our careers, bright eyed and enthusiastic about all that they have to offer in the coming years. Years of hard work and sacrifice can lead us to promotions and advancement – but to what end?

When all is said and done, what do you really have to hold onto? What have you spent your whole life chasing? Do you have something to show for it? We dedicate our entire lives to the idea of this one destination, this grand dream, only to discover that the real magic of life is in the journey. It is in the way that you experience and live each and every day.

This incredibly powerful and moving video calls the entire ‘plan’ into question, shedding a light on the reality of the ‘rat race’ around us. Using quotes from Alan Watts, David Lindberg challenges us to reconsider all that we have come to hold true to our purpose here, and the real meaning of life:

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