I recently came across a video that seems to be perfect in regards to giving people a good visual as to why they shouldn’t be smoking. While many people don’t truly understand it, the effects cigarettes have on our lungs are quite real.

Smoking can cause things like lung disease and harms almost every organ of the body in some way. According to the CDC, it causes at least 480,000 deaths each year here in the US which means smoking accounts for one in five deaths. It kills more people than HIV, drug use, alcohol abuse, car wrecks, and firearm-related incidents in any given year.

The CDC reported as follows not too long ago:

Tobacco use remains the single largest preventable cause of death and disease in the United States. Cigarette smoking kills more than 480,000 Americans each year, with more than 41,000 of these deaths from exposure to secondhand smoke. In addition, smoking-related illness in the United States costs more than $300 billion a year, including nearly $170 billion in direct medical care for adults and $156 billion in lost productivity.

When we smoke we might not see the effects right away but we are increasing our risks of heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, and COPD. It has been linked to an almost neverending list of health risks and issues that those who opt to smoke for extended periods will have to face. Quitting in general can and will cut your risks of cardiovascular disease down by a lot. The costs that smoking brings in regards to our health are not worth it (not to mention our financials!)

The video was uploaded by a nurse from North Carolina named Amanda Eller. She in this video shows a healthy lung beside a smoker’s lung and you can quite clearly see which is which. The black sick looking lungs are from a smoker who happened to manage a pack per day for 20 whole years.

The description for this video goes as follows:


Videos show the black, cancer-ridden lungs of a heavy smoker, failing to inflate.

This is compared to the healthy, red-colored lungs of a non-smoker.

The non-smokers’ lungs filled to full capacity before slowing deflating as normal
Around 15% of adults in the US smoke; raising their lung-cancer risk by 23 times A shocking video shows the difference between healthy lungs and those of a smoker who got through one pack of cigarettes a day for 20 years.

Uploaded by North-Carolina based nurse Amanda Eller, the videos show the black, cancer-ridden lungs of a heavy smoker failing to properly inflate.

This is compared to the healthy, red-colored lungs that are shown inflating and deflating as normal in the videos, which have been shared more than 5,000 times.

Around 15 percent of adults in the US and 17 percent in the UK smoke cigarettes.

Smoking raises a person’s risk of developing lung cancer by approximately 23 times and is responsible for 87 percent of all related deaths.

This video has been viral a couple times and each time it makes its rounds the comments section is full of those who have made the switch to quit smoking. If you are a smoker please take a peek at the video. Just because you don’t want to quit doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t, do whatever is best for you.

(Image Via: Pixabay)

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