Everyone who has ever gotten drunk knows how hangovers can be, whether you have severe ones or mild ones they still suck. Have you ever noticed how significantly worse they get as you age?

Well, to be completely honest there are several reasons as to why a person might have worse hangovers later in life. As we get older our alcohol tolerance isn’t going to be what it was in the past. You see enzymes in our liver are what break down the alcohol we drink in order to make it digestible. The more you drink, the more enzymes your liver is used to producing, but if you stop drinking so much your liver will go right back to producing lower levels. In turn, it will be harder for you to process the alcohol, and you will be left with one hell of a hangover.

I guess the best reason as to why hangovers get worse as we age is that we aren’t drinking as much. Most people are at their drinking peak around 25. Hangovers are a sign that you have drunk too much. When we have hangovers, it is our body reacting badly to the amount we have ingested.

Another important factor is that our bodies recovery process is a lot weaker. The older we are the longer it will take our bodies to recuperate from different kinds of trauma. Drinking being a form of trauma when you really think about it. Our ability to bounce back from it is not as good as it once was.

Wall Street Journal even goes so far as to mention that the older we are the more medications we may be on. Some of those medications could cause uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous problems when mixed with alcohol. That severe hangover could be some kind of reaction if you really think about it. Our brains and bodies change as we grow older and so the way we handle our alcohol does as well.

A survey conducted in the UK by Redemption found that people around the age of 29 were at most risk for bad hangovers this being because they are still trying to engage in things they did when they were younger. Your body just isn’t as young anymore. At 29 our ability to deal with hangovers effectively begins to decrease and while we might not want to accept it, it is a reality.

There is a lot that goes into why our hangovers get worse. Making sure that if and when we drink we aren’t overdoing it will make a huge difference. Indulging safely is our best bet at any age.

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