According to Science, Redheads Might Have Genetic Superpowers

By December 7, 2017 Science

We all know redheads can be fireballs, to say the least. There is definitely something special about them, and it is more than what you get on the outside! The question is, what sets these fiery haired people apart from the rest of the world?

Well, Dr. Augustin Galopin believed that redheads have genetic superpowers. He actually revealed this is a book he wrote back in 1886 titled Le Parfum de la Femme. According to him, redheaded women radiate their own aroma known as ambergris which is a more earthy scent. That being said was later found this was because of a thin acidic film, known as the skin mantle on our skin’s surface that in the case of most redheads causes their perfume to evaporate and releases a scent like nothing else.

However, this was not the only book released on the powers of redheads. Erin La Rose released a book herself titled, “The Big Redhead Book” and it is filled with fascinating facts on redheads. As if being a mere 2 percent of the population redheads also have some quite interesting ‘quirks.’ Below you will find a list of mindblowing things about those with firetruck hair.


Redheaded women are able to tolerate pain better

A study done in 2003, actually showed that redheaded women can tolerate about 25 percent more pain than those with other colored hair. It has also been said that they are harder to sedate. You might not want to get into a fight with a redhead.

Redheads do not need as much vitamin D

As you may know, redheads burn easily in the sun, more-so than most. Redheads actually create their own vitamin D in a shorter amount of time than those with different colored hair would. They do not need to spend as much time in the sun.

Not all redheads are white

There are redheads born in places like Papua New Guinea and so forth where their skin is not pale. Just because most of them seem to be white does not mean they all are. You should know by now that we all come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and so forth.

Redheads are able to tell when it is getting cold

Redheads feel colder temperatures on a deeper level than most. Back in 2005, a study was done that uncovered the gene MC1R may cause the human temperature-detecting gene to become overactivated, this explaining why redheads are more sensitive to thermal extremes. If they are feeling a little cold, it is about to become real COLD.

On top of all of this red is the hardest color to fake and redheads are considered to be funnier than most people. You can learn more by checking out Erin La Rosa’s book (click here) or watching the video below. If you are a redhead, you should be proud. It does seem you have some superpowers of your own.

Of course, it doesn’t take a book to know that. Rock that red hair and be true to who you are. How many of you have red hair?

Outside sources for this article include: The New York Post, NzHerald, and LadBible.

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