While you might think that you can walk all over the opposite sex, there will come a day when you learn your lesson. If you want a real partnership you have to put in the time and effort to make things work.

Below I am going to go over some of the things a real self-respecting woman will not go without. If you are trying to get her attention but not willing to offer these things she will not give you the time of day. She is a strong woman, and she knows her worth. If you don’t appreciate her, she will find someone who is more than willing to.

These 17 Things Are Not Negotiable When It Comes To Being With A Self-Respecting Woman:

1. She will not be disrespected.

If you disrespect her, the perspective she has on being with you changes. She doesn’t want to be with someone that doesn’t value her. She knows how valuable she truly is.

2. She will not be ignored.

She will not be with someone who gives her the silent treatment. She talks through her problems and if you’re not willing to you can make your way out of the door. She will find someone that is willing to express the emotions that need expressing.

3. You will be kind to her.

If you’re an asshole she isn’t going to be interested in you for long. She will not be with someone who treats her badly. You have to be kind to her or else you will lose her.

4. You will be open with her.

If you are too closed off then you are not the one for her. She isn’t playing games, and she doesn’t have time to wait around forever. Be open, it’s a lot easier than it looks.

5. You will be honest no matter how hard it is.

She does not put up with liars. She needs you to be honest with her and if you refuse to be there will be problems. She is not a toy, and you cannot play with her like that. Being honest is not as hard as some people make it out to be.

6. You both need to be able to laugh together.

She needs to be with someone she can share a laugh with. Humor is very important. She doesn’t want to be with someone who doesn’t know how to cut up.

7. She will not carry all of the problems.

She will not take on all of the problems before the two of you. If you are not willing to own your shit she will pass you by. You cannot tie her down to all the negativity.

8. She needs passion.

She needs you to be able to ignite passion within her. If she isn’t attracted to you, she probably won’t stick around. She knows what she wants.

9. She will not be with someone who is unwilling to compromise.

She will not be with someone that refuses to budge on the things that matter. If you are going to be together, compromise has to happen sometimes. This is just how relationships work.

10. She needs to feel understood.

She needs to know that you really understand her. She doesn’t want another people in her life that just won’t get her the ways she needs to be ‘gotten.’ She doesn’t want to be in a relationship and all the while misunderstood.

11. You must be able to communicate openly.

If you cannot talk to her, she will not be with you. She needs someone that she can come to when there is a problem. Communication is the key to a properly functioning relationship.

12. You must always respect her boundaries.

You have to respect her boundaries. If she says no it means no. Don’t try to cross them or you won’t be around for long at all.

13. She won’t let you tell her what to do.

She won’t be the kind of woman to let you tell her what to do. She does what she wants and doesn’t care what others think. She cannot be tamed.

14. She needs you to be supportive.

She won’t be with anyone who puts her down. You need to be supportive and help push her. She has so many goals.

15. She will not let you cut her off from those she cares about.

She will not cut ties with people who are important to her, and you shouldn’t ask her to. She isn’t going to let you control her like that. You have to learn to accept her friends and family.

16. You can’t just treat her like she’s fragile.

She is not a doll. She is a strong woman, and she needs you to see that. You can’t treat her like she’s going to break because she won’t.

17. You won’t be able to take away her independence, you’ve got to be a team.

The two of you are a team. You both have to put forth an effort. No one is going to be working harder than the other. She just won’t have it.

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