A Total of 500 Earthquakes In the Past 24 Hours Makes for the Most Ever Recorded

Things are really becoming more and more tense in Hawaii as earthquakes plague the summit of Kilauea volcano. While we would expect some the number of quakes happening is extremely alarming.

Just within 24 hours, there have been over 500 earthquakes, with this 24 hour period ending at 11 am on June 3rd. According to the Hawaii Tribune, this is record breaking in a very bad way. They reported that while most were magnitude -2.7 and under one was measured at -3.5, this meaning things could be getting worse in some ways.

Brian Shiro from the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory told the HT as follows:

“We have recorded 500 over the past 24 hours which is the highest rate ever measured there.”

“Otherwise the summit activity is rather quiet,”

It is important to note the ash advisory has been lifted for now. There were also reports of several people being rescued from the Kapoho area as well early Sunday morning by helicopter. People have been cited for loitering in a lava zone on several occasions and search and rescue missions have been quite active in the areas isolated by lava from Kilauea volcano’s eruption.

Hawaii Tribune wrote as follows in regards to the current issues at hand:

That, despite a mandatory evacuation order issued Thursday by Mayor Harry Kim advising residents that if they stay in lava-affected areas, first responders may not come to rescue them, and that residents and others in the area might be held responsible for the cost of their rescue and could also be subject to arrest and charges for refusing to evacuate.

Civil Defense Director Talmadge Magno estimated Saturday that about a dozen people were holding out in the Kapoho area despite the mandatory evacuation order and lava cutting off evacuation routes from the area. He said it is possible some could evacuate on foot.

A flow front from fissure No. 8 was 500 yards from the ocean as of early this morning, moving through Kapoho Beach Lots. Highways 132 and 137, the “Four Corners” intersection and Government Beach Road have all been severed by lava.

There is no access to Kapoho, Vacationland and Highways 137 and 137. Government Beach Road, between Papaya Farms Road, is open only to Waa Waa and Papaya Farms Road residents only with official credentials. There is no curfew in those areas.

Volcanic gas levels remain high at the summit of Kilauea and in the fissure system along the Lower East Rift Zone, according to Civil Defense. Residents in communities downwind, including Pahala, Ocean View, and Kona, are being advised to limit their exposure to volcanic gases and ash.

For more information on all of this please feel free to check out the video below. This number of volcanos is quite interesting and we can only hope that it does not become a serious issue. What do you think about all of this?

(Image Via: Big Island News/Youtube)

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