A Syrian Artist and Refugee Painted World Leaders. The Results are Stunning

By July 23, 2017 Other

In this interesting series Abdalla Al Omari, a refugee himself puts world leaders in the shoes of his fellow refugees. These politicians are some of the most common and well known, it is quite interesting to see them painted in such a manner.

Omari uses painting as a means of bringing to light the vulnerable side of things. These politicians seem to have some of their humanity given back to them in these paintings and these are without a doubt something of a powerful message. There are so many refugees out there and many countries do not allow them.

Of course, there is no easy solution for the refugee crisis we need to work harder to solve it. Remembering that these people are real and going through something terrible is important. The Syrian civil war has created over five million refugees with few places to go.

Take a look at the paintings below and let us know what you think. It is obvious that Omari is very talented. I am in awe! How many politicians do you recognize, can you name them all?

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