Uranus is definitely a strange planet. It is in an orbit that is completely unique and not like that of any other planet but why is this?

In the past many have hypothesized about why the planet might be orbiting basically completely on its side, but in recent times answers seem to have been found. A study published not too long ago claims that Uranus rotates differently because it was hit by some kind of massive object that changed it forever. The object that hit it had to of been at least two times the size of Earth and literally knocked it over.

This could have been a young planet or even a mere mass of ice. It could have happened as far back as the mere formation of the solar system itself. These findings were published in the journal ‘The Astrophysical Journal’ and they really put things into perspective. This is a question we have been pondering over for many many years now.

Lead author for this study Jacob Kegerreis said as follows in a statement:

“We ran more than 50 different impact scenarios using a high-powered supercomputer to see if we could recreate the conditions that shaped the planet’s evolution.”

“Our findings confirm that the most likely outcome was that the young Uranus was involved in a cataclysmic collision with an object twice the mass of Earth, if not larger, knocking it on to its side and setting in process the events that helped create the planet we see today.”

For more on this please feel free to check out the video below. What do you think about all of this? I for one am excited to see what this kind of information could bring forth in the future. Will we gain a better understanding of Uranus?

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