A horrifying tsunami has torn through Indonesia and the aftermath is quite devastating. This tsunami followed a volcanic eruption and many either lost their lives or everything they had.

This tsunami hit for the most part without warning and killed over 200 people. It even swept away members of a pop band as they were performing on a beach when things hit. For those who might not be aware, this happened just the day after the Anak Krakatau volcano eruption. Thousands were forced to evacuate and hundreds of homes either no longer stand or are heavily damaged.

The death toll is currently set at 222 but could increase as 28 are missing and 843 are injured. Video footage of the tsunami hitting is quite graphic and enough to make anyone feel for these people who are now going to have to figure out how to get back to normal yet again.

This tsunami happening just days before Christmas makes it even more heartbreaking. According to Fox News, a 17-year-old named Azki Kurniawan was undergoing vocational training with a group of students at Patra Comfort Hotel in the affected area when people suddenly burst into the lobby yelling that the sea water had risen and was rising. He at that moment had tried to get to his motorbike in the parking lot but it was already flooded, and he had no time to get anywhere safe.

He stated as follows:

“Suddenly a 1-meter (3.3 foot) wave hit me. I was thrown into the fence of a building about 39 meters (100 feet) from the beach and held onto the fence as strong as I could, trying to resist the water, which felt like it would drag me back into the sea. I cried in fear… ‘This is a tsunami?’ I was afraid I would die.”

The band playing on a beach as noted above has been reported as Seventeen and it is understood that the bass player has lost his life along with other members of their crew. While some are safe one member and several members of their entourage (including the only verified as surviving member’s wife) are missing.

According to Sky News, waves during this tsunami reached at least 10 foot high and were as noted potentially caused by the eruption. Indonesian meteorologists say it was possibly triggered by underwater landslides that were related to the volcanic activity. Indonesia seems to be hit consistently with one tragic event after the next as it sits on the Ring of Fire.

An early warning system needs to be in place for all possible causing points for tsunamis. This kind of thing should not happen without warning in this day and age. While tsunamis are less predictable than we’d want them to be we need to work to make awareness and the way we detect these things better. Normally they are detected through earthquakes but without the presence of a quake, no one knew to get somewhere safe.

Considering the areas affected were residential and tourist areas you would assume that foreigners had been killed too but none have been found or listed just yet. Right now we need to keep all the people in Indonesia in our thoughts as they try to get through this as best they can. All the people affected by this tsunami are going to be struggling for a good while and working to get their feet back on solid ground.

This kind of thing happens more often than most care to realize. The lives of those who were lost will not be forgotten.

(Image Via: BNPB)

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