Everything in our known universe is composed of energy. We can manifest this energy in many different ways if we know how.

One of the main ways we can manifest this energy is in the form of an energy ball or sphere. Some even go so far as to call these energy balls Psi balls or Chi balls. You can make them as small or as large as you would like and they can be used to give you a boost of confidence or even send positive energy towards someone else. If you want to learn how to make an energy ball please continue on.

How to Create An Energy Ball:

Find an Energy Source

Find a place that you feel is full of energy and allows your energy to flow as well. This could be somewhere inside or outside, that is up to you. Once you have found your energy source, you will know.

Clear The Room

Make yourself comfortable and be sure there are not any outside noises or things of that sort to distract you. Sit down and clear your mind. Once you are ready to begin, close your eyes and touch your hands together.

Meditate and Set Your Intent

Now that you are sitting with your eyes closed, create an image within your mind of your hands before you. Set your intent and determine what this energy ball you are working to create is going to do. Give this ball a purpose. If you want this ball to go to someone specific please spend a minute or two thinking about that person.

Create Your Ball

Once you have a purpose rub your hands together in your mind as well as physically. Using your mind’s eye see the energy flowing through your hands and your fingers. Begin shaping this energy into a ball. Continue doing this for as long as you would like until the ball is the size that you want it to be. You will notice a tingle in your hands, this is normal.

Send Your Ball

Once you have created a ball of energy send it forth to someone or allow yourself to absorb it. This all depends on what the purpose of the ball was in the first place but once you have done this part you can open your eyes. Do you feel any different? This always works wonders for me. I like to do this when I am feeling down.

If this method does not work for you, one of the methods in the video below should. We are all different and must find the method that works best for ourselves.

Image via Psi Ball Wiki

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