They are the movers and shakers of the world, dominating everything that they do and always coming out on top. Throughout school, they were often seen as the ‘weird’ or unpopular ones, but as we move into the real world and adult life the highly intelligent people among us are often the ones earning a great income, living in a big house and driving their dream cars. They have the life that so many of us want!

So, what sets them apart from you and me? Is this a gift that they were blessed with from birth, and we can only watch and admire from a distance, or are there things we can do to improve our chances? Good news – experts say that a lot of their success comes from the individual daily decisions that they make. By learning these secrets and applying them to your own life, you can boost your chances of success.

Pay Attention to These 9 Secret Habits of Highly Intelligent People That You Should Adopt in Your Own Life:

#1 – Act on Your Plans

Anyone can draw up an elaborate plan on how they want to act, but these individuals don’t stop there. Instead, they take the time, energy and dedication to take their thoughts and plans, and put them into action. It is only by acting on their plans that they can continue to grow, evolve and accomplish great things.

#2 – Spend Time Alone

Time spent with others is great, but highly intelligent people also acknowledge that time spent alone is important. In fact, they enjoy their ‘me time,’ making time for it regularly. This is their opportunity to spend some time with their own thoughts, listening to their inner voice and feeding their imagination – both of which are important.

#3 – Open-Minded

This doesn’t mean that they don’t have their own opinions, beliefs, and values, but highly intelligent people don’t close off their mind and discount the ideas of others simply because they don’t fit perfectly with their own life experiences. They are willing to listen to others regardless of their views with respect, and seriously consider alternative solutions to the situations that they face in life.

#4 – Minimize Distractions

They don’t act as though they are infallible, able to naturally focus regardless of what is happening around them. Instead, these individuals acknowledge that they can be distracted and take the steps necessary to prevent it. By minimizing the distractions around them, they are able to better focus on their goals and dreams, and, in turn, see greater success.

#5 – Always Ask Questions

Highly intelligent people have no problem admitting that they don’t know everything, in fact, they embrace the information that they don’t know and are always asking questions. They don’t blindly believe information that they are given and are always looking to expand their knowledge and understanding.

#6 – Take Risks

Living your life safely within your comfort zone can only carry you so far. Highly intelligent people realize that the path to growth, discovery, and success requires stepping into the unknown and taking risks. It may be uncomfortable, or even painful, but these are the moments that push you towards being the best version of yourself.

#7 – Prioritize Your Schedule

There will always be more opportunities to take on responsibility, get involved and add to your daily schedule. The problem arises when you take on more than you can accomplish effectively. These individuals take the time to determine what they consider to be a priority in their lives, and they plan their schedule with that in mind. This includes getting adequate sleep, finding time to work our regularly and allowing for some ‘down time’ to recharge.

#8 – Keep Learning

One of the biggest secrets of the highly intelligent is that they live their whole life as a student, always seeking the next opportunity to learn and grow. Regardless of the situation, how much experience they may have, prior education, etc. – they always acknowledge that they can, in fact, learn more. Rather than closing their mind to the big questions in life, they seek them out with curiosity.

#9 – Don’t Worship Idols

This is an important point that is far too often overlooked. While we may find ourselves looking up to the highly intelligent people around us, watch how they respect others and where they draw the line. While they will admit that there are others they can learn from, they don’t place others up on a pedestal as they acknowledge that no one is perfect. They take everything they hear from others and research themselves rather than following blindly.

Image via Thought Catalog

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