Mentally strong people do not have time for bullshit. They do their best to avoid people they deem toxic and are all about surrounding themselves with positivity.

If you are a mentally strong person then you know how hard it can be sometimes to kick people out of your life. With that being said, it is something we all have to do at one point or another. Throughout our lives, we face tons of different kinds of people. Some of these people help us grow and others merely do their best to drag us down.

If you are mentally strong you know the following kinds of people have no place in your life. When you see this list does anyone come to mind? Toxic people can be found in some of the most unexpected places, always be aware of them.

9 Different Kinds Of Toxic People Those Who Are Mentally Strong Avoid Like the Plague:

1. The Debbie Downers

These are people who are always complaining and upset about things that are going on in their lives. They are the people who never make changes that need to be made. They just complain and deal with it.

2. The Unmotivated

These are the people who refuse to get off the couch. They are lazy and usually jerks. They want to do nothing more than sleep their lives away.

3. The Irresponsible

These are the people who are wasting all of their money on stupid shit and begging for more. They never do the things that need to be done and always ask other people for help. These people are more irresponsible than I thought was possible.

4. The Air Head

These are the people who are too obsessed with social media and television to be able to tell their ass from their head. They are always pretending to be someone they aren’t and they kind of suck. While they are a bit easier to deal with than some of the people on this list they are still awful.

5. The Settlers

These are the people who settle down in life, they never push for anything more. They don’t want to go anywhere or do anything, they just want to continue down the same path they have been their whole lives. They never question anything.

6. The Braggers

These are the people who brag about even the smallest feat. Everything they do is gold and everything other people do is insignificant. They want the spotlight to shine on them forever.

7. The Negative Nancy’s

These are the people who complain about you, and they are always cutting you down. They are negative to a fault and while similar to the Debbies are a bit different. They don’t believe in your dreams and want to see you fail.

8. The Bullies

These are the people who constantly make fun of you and others. They never have anything nice to say. Bullies are people no one should give their time to.

9. The Ignorant

These are the people who refuse to help themselves. They sit in their ignorance and do their best to push it on others. They are people that the mentally strong refuse to even look at.

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