Sometimes we expect the most from some of the people that we shouldn’t be expecting anything from. Some people are just in it for the wrong reasons and we need to be aware of that.

When it comes to the narcissist, in general, we should not be expecting much at all. You might think that you know someone well, but the truth is, even some of our closest friends can turn out to be the most unexpected kinds of people. Narcissists are manipulative and very dishonest. They will do whatever it takes to gain your trust but they won’t do much to keep it.

Below I am going to go over some of the things you should not expect from a narcissist. These are things you will learn quickly in their presence. Don’t be fooled, once you realize what kind of person they are you should really work to distance yourself. Narcissists are not good company to keep and they will only drag you down.

9 Things You Should NEVER Expect From A Narcissist:

1. Don’t expect them to love you.

The narcissist is not going to be able to love you in the way that you will want him or her to. They cannot offer you the emotional connection that you want from them. Nothing that you think you want from them can be given to you.

2. Don’t expect them to listen to you when you speak.

When you speak to the narcissist, unless it is something they can use against you it is going to go in one ear and out the other. They only want to have something to do with you when it is convenient for them. When you are feeling down and out they will not be your shoulder to cry on.

3. Don’t expect empathy.

The narcissist will not feel empathy for you or well, anyone. Your emotions don’t matter and this person is not able to feel what you are feeling. While they may understand what you are going through to an extent they don’t necessarily resonate with it or even care to.

4. Don’t expect their attention.

They are not going to be giving you the attention that you want or need. The narcissist is only going to come around when they need something from you or want you to help them get things going their way. They are going to expect you to sit around waiting for them all day only to never show up. This is just how they are.

5. Don’t expect them to appreciate you.

The narcissist is not going to appreciate you at all. He or she is only going to use you to push themselves where they want to be. You cannot expect them to really understand that what you do for them should be appreciated because of how self-oriented they are. They think they are better than you and that is not going to change.

6. Don’t expect them to be there when you need them.

The narcissist is going to be there when it is convenient for him or her. They aren’t going to be there for you when you need them. When you are feeling down and in the dumps or going through something terrible they will jump ship until it has ridden out.

7. Don’t expect them to care about your emotions.

The narcissist is going to stomp all over you and not give a shit. They don’t care how they make you feel or what kind of mental state you end up in. They just want to use you and move on, they will discard you once they have had their way with you.

8. Don’t expect a sincere apology.

None of the apologies you get, if any, from the narcissist, will be completely insincere. They will never truly take responsibility for their actions. They feel as if they are better than everyone else and thus there is no need for them to own up to their mistakes.

9. Don’t expect them to show their real feelings.

Narcissists will never show very many emotions. They might pretend to be feeling one thing and be feeling something completely different. They only show you what they want you to see and it sometimes can be quite terrifying.

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