For those who do not know, narcissists are people who are overly self-involved. They don’t care what they end up doing to others and when in a relationship with one, you will end up highly manipulated and very unhappy.

Narcissists love to break people down and tear them apart. They use other people to their own advantage and if they cannot gain something from them they will cut ties. They always build some of the most toxic relationships and while most of the people who end up being involved with them don’t realize it until they are too close they do not deserve any of the things they are forced to go through in the long run.

Below I am going to go over some of the things narcissists will without a doubt always do within their relationships. If you have ever been with a narcissist you know these things to be true. These are things you should never tolerate.

9 Things Narcissists Always Do In Relationships (Stop Letting Him Tear You Apart!):

1. They pretend to love you.

Narcissists don’t really love most of the people they surround themselves with. They surround themselves with people they can benefit from. The emotions they pretend to feel are usually not there on any level.

2. They trap their partners in.

Narcissists trap their partners in. They cut them off from the people that care about them so that there is nowhere for them to go. While this is a bit intense when you think about it, it happens in a slow manner and there is a lot to it.

3. They pick you apart.

Narcissists will constantly tear down their significant others and well, everyone else. They love to make everyone feel inferior to them. If you are doing well, they will pick you apart.

4. They gain your trust and then break it.

Narcissists will gain your trust and break it time and time again. They only do what they should be doing when there is something for them to gain. You cannot count on them when you truly need them.

5. They undervalue their partners.

Narcissists don’t treat anyone the way that they should be treated. They are rude and really undervalue everyone. Their partners are there for them in all ways but they are never there for their partners.

6. They never want to talk about anything but themselves.

Narcissists don’t like to talk about anything but themselves. When someone accomplishes something they will bring up something they did that was more of an ‘accomplishment.’ This is just how they are.

7. They don’t feel bad when they upset their partners.

Narcissists don’t feel bad when they make you feel bad. When you are down in the dumps they are still ready to upset you more. They will say or do whatever they want without taking your feelings into consideration.

8. They blame their partners for everything.

Narcissists act like their partners are the root of all their troubles even when they aren’t. They blame things on you that you had absolutely zero control over. This is not acceptable.

9. They are constantly being controlling and demanding.

Narcissists are very controlling and demanding. If you aren’t doing what they want you to do when they want you to do it they take it as a personal attack. They are quite vicious.

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