Unless you live under a rock, chances are you are more than aware of the total solar eclipse to come. It is going to be happening on the 21st of August and many people are overly excited about the chance to experience something so spectacular.

With that being said, you should not forget about your pets. Animals will become quite confused during the eclipse. I strongly suggest keeping an extra close eye on any and all of your fur babies. It may have a strange effect on house pets as well as animals in the wild.

During the total eclipse, the sky will darken to twilight levels and the air temperatures will drop. Throughout the past during an eclipse, strange behaviors have been noticed amongst animals. Some of these are actually quite odd reactions as well. Below you will find a list of some of the ways animals react to the total eclipse.

1. Birds become silent

According to National Geographic birds become overly noisy before it happens and go silent during and after. Some have even been said to fall out of the sky because they are terrified.

2. Cows take shelter

Cows generally tend to head back to the barn for shelter no matter what time the eclipse occurs.

3. Crickets chirp

You know at night when crickets chip constantly? It will be like that but during the day. This is also something that will shock other animals and gives you an eerie feeling.

4. Whales and dolphins breach in the seas

Whales and dolphins come to the surface some arching in and out of the water during a moment of complete silence.

5. Giraffes run

When the sun begins to disappear giraffes do too, once the sun returns they being grazing again. This was observed back in 2001.

5. Dogs become more alert

The sudden change in climate and atmosphere during the eclipse makes your pup more alert. They will seem to be on edge but it is completely normal.

6. Ants stop marching

According to CNN people who were living in the Victorian era claim that during an eclipse ants stop dead in their tracks until it is over.

7. Chimps climb much higher

Female chimps at the Yerkes Regional Primate Research Center began climbing to the highest positions they could reach before an eclipse took place. Seems they wanted a better view.

8. Fish hide

Yes, fish actually hide. Fish that would normally be out, go into hiding.

9. Orb-weaving spiders destroy their webs

Anecdotal evidence actually suggests this, since spiders move slowly this may be something you would like to check out during an eclipse if you can find a web nearby.

When it comes to a total solar eclipse there are a lot of things to pay attention to besides the eclipse itself. This strange spectacular event brings about much more than a few moments of darkness. Will you be able to see the eclipse from where you are and are you excited for it?


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