Rather than seeing the world as an individual experience, defined by your time here on the planet, those who believe in reincarnation understand that this is but a small blip in a much bigger picture. In fact, these ‘lives’ will sometimes overlap with one another bringing our experiences together in the here and now.

Have you ever met someone and instantly felt as though there’s something different? If you have this nagging feeling that you know someone despite the fact you know you have never crossed paths before in this life, don’t worry. You’re not crazy! This may be someone that you’ve met once before.

Here are 9 signs that you have previously met in a past life:

#1 – Karma at Work

There are various reasons that we may meet someone from our past life. While we often jump to the idea that this is someone we are predestined to meet, like a soulmate, there may also be a different reason why your lives have crossed once again. Pay attention to the circumstances of your meeting as it may reveal why. You may be meeting again to allow you to set things right from the past.

#2 – Known Details

Have you ever met someone and discovered that you already know detailed facts and information about their character? These are details that only someone who knows a person could know, like their favorite meal, or the song that always brings them to tears. You know how to make them happier than they have ever been, as well as how to tear them down completely.

#3 – Deja Reve

Everything about your meeting and the subsequent relationship feels as though you have been here before. Unlike with déjà vu, you haven’t actually had this specific experience, or at least not in this life. Instead, you feel as though you are living something that you once dreamt to be true, a phenomenon known as deja reve. The dream that you are recalling is actually a memory from a past life.

#4 – Overwhelming Emotions

Have you ever reconnected with a friend that you haven’t seen in years? This can be such an exciting and nostalgic experience, the emotions of everything you have shared throughout your past together flooding back. This is similar to what happens with someone from your past life, however, the emotions are even more overwhelming because you have no idea what is happening. You don’t remember the stories behind these emotions, but it doesn’t stop you from feeling them!

#5 – Time Feels Unpredictable

While time is usually relatively predictable, when you are spending time with someone from a past life, however, this isn’t the case. Time feels completely chaotic as if you have entered some sort of supernatural time warp. You may find that it flies by one moment, only to completely crawl the next.

#6 – Instant Connection

When you meet, there is something instantly there. There is no need to awkwardly break the ice or feel out how the other may be feeling about this meeting because you already know. This connection that you share doesn’t feel like it just began with this chance meeting, but rather than this journey to find one another began long ago.

#7 – Signs or Omens in Nature

Even if you personally aren’t experiencing any obvious signs, there may be some occurring around you that will help to reveal what is happening. For example, does the sun always come out from behind the clouds when you meet one another? Do you notice birds fly overheard every time you come together? These signs are the universe letting you know what’s going on.

#8 – Immediate Dislike

The people who return to us from our past lives are often not people we have good karma with, as we previously discussed. These are often people that we have wronged in some way or people with unresolved issues. For this reason, we instantly feel dislike, anger or frustration with one another when we meet.

#9 – You Just ‘Know’

You can look for all the signs in the world, but sometimes you just know. Your intuition is a powerful tool, one that shouldn’t be overlooked. You may not be able to put your finger on how you know, and that’s okay. Sometimes you need to stop looking for explanations and simply accept that your intuition is correct.

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