As human beings, we all display affection in different ways. To add insult to injury, many of us have also been hurt and are afraid of showing affection too quickly.

Now, for most of us, if someone we love isn’t as affectionate through their words it can be a bit confusing. Sometimes we don’t always realize that they are doing things they are doing because they love us and a little reminder from time to time might be exactly what we need. If someone is doing the following things then they do love you whether they actually say ‘I love you’ or not.

9 Signs He Proves His Love For You Without Words:

1. He shows his emotions when he is upset.

When he is upset he doesn’t hide it. He makes you aware of it and you both work through it. He does not keep things from you.

2. He stands by your side even on your worst days.

He is by your side even when you don’t want anyone around. He will be there through all the good times and all the bad times. You cannot get rid of him easily if you need a shoulder to cry on he is right there.

3. He doesn’t let anyone talk badly about you.

If someone says something rude about you, he is the first to take up for you. He knows how fantastic you are and cannot stand for anyone to say otherwise. You mean a lot to him.

4. He is always proud of you.

He is proud of you and all that you have done in life. He sees you for who you truly are and knows you have so much more to accomplish. This person sees everything you are capable of and pushes you to follow your dreams.

5. He tries to make good impressions with your friends and family.

He does his best to ensure your friends and family see him in a positive light. He wants to make you proud and win them all over.

6. He respects you.

He really respects you. Your opinion and emotions matter to him. If you are upset he is as well.

7. He does not push your boundaries.

He knows when to stop and can tell when he is getting on your nerves. He is kind and respectful in this as he does not try to force you into anything you do not want to do. It is much harder to find partners who don’t push than you think.

8. He talks about his future with you.

Your partner makes it known he sees a future with you. When you talk about your goals and your dreams they include one another. He isn’t going to move away and leave you behind and you know that.

9. He makes you feel cared for and safe.

When our partner is making us feel secure it is a big sign they care. They would not be going out of their way to make us feel cared for if they didn’t actually care. You feel like no one can hurt you when this person is by your side.

Love can be love without saying I love you. Look at what someone is doing and how they act towards you. All the answers you seek will come to light.

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