Your vision is arguably one of the greatest gifts that you have been blessed with, allowing you to experience the beauty and spectacle of life around us. Occasionally, however, we may notice that something appears to be ‘off’ or problematic.

While the problem is manifesting as a problem with the eye, this may actually be a warning sign of something more serious. Learning to understand these warning messages from your eyes will allow you to adequately deal with the underlying cause, which in some cases may even save your life!

The trick lies in knowing when a condition can be treated at home with nothing more than a warm compress or a good nap, and when you require intervention from a medical professional. The more you know, the better prepared you are to make an educated decision in regard to your own personal health and well-being.


Watch for these 9 warning signs that your eyes are trying to tell you something important:

#1 – Blurry Vision

If you regularly have strong, clear vision that suddenly turns blurry this is the sign that there is an underlying cause requiring your attention. Diabetics with high blood sugar may experience temporary blurred vision, while glaucoma can also cause a similar experience. It should also be noted that blurry vision or loss of vision is an indicator of a stroke, so if you have felt it come on with no prior warning, contact a medical professional immediately.

#2 – Dry Eye

While there are some conditions that are associated with dry eyes, like arthritis or a reaction to some medications, in most cases this is a response to a hormonal change, daily routine or environmental factor. For example, if you spend a long period of time staring at a computer for your work, and fail to blink often enough, this can cause your eyes to dry out. In these situations, it can easily be managed with the use of artificial tears.

#3 – Pink or Red Eyes

One of the more difficult warning signs to interpret, there are many reasons why you may be experiencing a pink or reddish tinge to your eyes. This may be something as easily explained as the presence of an irritant, such as allergens, bacteria, viruses or foreign objects. This may also be the sign of a more serious condition, such as acute angle-closure glaucoma, pink eye or conjunctivitis.

#4 – Red Bumps on Your Eyelid

Red bumps along your eyelids, also known as a stye, can be caused by an infection in your eyelash follicles or the result of oil glands becoming clogged. In most cases, these conditions are harmless and can be relieved through applying a warm, moist compress to the eye 5-6 times each day. If this doesn’t work, however, you should contact a doctor as it may be the sign of something more serious, and may even require surgery to drain the lesion.


#5 – Aura, Spots, or Zigzag Lines

If you suddenly find that your vision is hindered by the appearance of spots or zigzag lines, or if you notice an aura effect around the outside edges of your vision this is the sign that a major headache or a migraine is on its way. While there is no scientific explanation for why this aura appears, 20% of migraine sufferers report experiencing the phenomenon.

#6 – Grey or White Ring Around Your Cornea

If you notice a grey or white ring in your eye, around the cornea, this is the sign that you should likely seek medical advice sooner rather than later. This may signify that you are suffering from a condition called arcus senilis which is caused by fat deposits in the body. This may indicate high cholesterol or high triglycerides.

#7 – Eye Twitch

Arguably the most harmless of the conditions, an eye twitch is an incredibly common experience. Most often caused by stress, too little sleep or too much caffeine, this can be easily remedied by making a slight change to your lifestyle choices. For example, if you are an excessive coffee drinker, the high level of caffeine may be causing the twitch. Cut back on your caffeine intake in order to reduce the likelihood that you will continue to experience it.

#8 – Drooping Eyelids

If you are overly tired you may have experienced drooping eyelids, a well-known sign of fatigue, but what does it mean if your eyelids are drooping and you are well rested? This may be a warning sign that you are dealing with an autoimmune neuromuscular disease called myasthenia gravis, a condition characterized by an overall loss of skeletal muscles.

#9 – Yellow Eyes

Yellow eyes may indicate several conditions, two of the most common representing the opposite ends of the spectrum. On one hand, yellow eyes may indicate that you are suffering from Gilbert’s Syndrome, a liver condition in which the body struggles to process bilirubin, a yellow compound in the blood, which is generally harmless. On the other hand, however, it may indicate a more severe liver condition such as those caused by alcoholism, pancreatitis or severe anemia. It’s better to play it safe and seek a doctor’s advice.

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