9 Reasons Your Personality Is Intimidating to Others

By April 17, 2018 Inspiration

Sometimes the nicest and most interesting people can come off as scary or mean. This is all about how we perceive other people and the things that they do or say.

We should try our best to not judge others before we get to know them, but sadly, it is something some of us do without even thinking about it. You may think you are a kind person and yet find others seem to run away from you like the plague. This could be because your personality has you coming off as a bit ‘scary,’ or even intimidating.

If you do the following things you should know that they tend to intimidate other people. No, you’re not necessarily doing anything wrong, but other people still aren’t going to quite understand you in the ways they would if they got to know you. This is nothing to be worried about and it happens to a lot of us.

9 Signs That Others May Find You To Be a Bit ‘Scary’:

1. You don’t waste time.

You are often direct and straight to the point when you speak to others. You don’t like small talk and cannot deal with liars. You value things other people might not think too much about.

2. You call people out on their bullshit.

You don’t let people walk all over you and you damn sure don’t let them make excuses. You pay attention to everything and really hold your own. People don’t like the idea of being called out.

3. You refuse to change who you are.

You are unapologetically who you are. You are not willing to change for anyone. You know where you are headed and those without a plan cannot stand this.

4. You don’t tolerate ‘stupidity.’

Willful ignorance is all around us and you cannot stand it. It brings out the worst in you and in turn, makes you a bit scary. This part is actually not all that bad.

5. You always speak the truth.

You do not lie and most people do. You are more honest than people can usually handle. This makes people fear what you may say or reveal.

6 You don’t make excuses.

You are always taking responsibility for your actions and thus somehow making yourself look better as well. People fear that which they do not understand. If someone doesn’t understand your personality they will be nervous about it.

7. You are not afraid of change.

You, unlike most, welcome change with open arms. You let things happen as the universe intends for them to and don’t fight it. People respect you for this but also find it to be unsettling.

8. You are overly kind.

Kindness in the beginning often makes people come off as fake. While your kindness is genuine, they do not know that just yet. This will roll over in time.

9. You can read others easily.

If you can tell what other people are thinking or about to do they will find you to be colder than you are. We don’t like for others to be able to read us. It makes us feel vulnerable.

The only real way to overcome this scary persona is to be real with people before you get close, and when introducing yourself you should put everything out there. In the end, people will do as they want and some may still find you to be stressful to be around. At the end of the day, as long as you like who you are that is all that matters. As they get to know you, they will realize that you are just a normal person.


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