9 Reasons Why Hemp Is The Most Important Plant In The World

By September 16, 2018 Rabbit Hole

While many people might not think much of hemp itself, it has tons of uses. Sure, people see a ‘marijuana leaf’ and assume it’s all about drug use hemp for those who do not know contains basically no THC.

You see, while hemp and marijuana are both cannabis plants they are not exactly the same. Smoking just hemp isn’t going to get you high. It is one of the best possible crops there are and yet it gets shoved into the dark and prohibited in most places. For years on end, it has been something the government has been harsh on and honestly, without reason.

Below I am going to go over some of the things that make hemp such an amazing plant. These are things you won’t hear much about but really need to know. This plant could do great things if we would allow it to. Not only is it a great source of protein and omega 3 fatty acids, it is also one of the best fibers around.

9 Reasons Why Hemp Is Truly Amazing:

1. Hemp can provide some amazing housing if done right and doesn’t contribute to deforestation.

With hemp you can make hemp bricks, hemp chipboard, and so much more. You can create pest-proof housing that pulls co2 from the atmosphere and keeps the rain out without issue. Cutting down all of these trees is not a good answer to anything. Plant some hemp and build some houses.

2. Hemp seeds can inhibit cancer growth in some cases.

A study from a while back actually found that hemp seeds were able to prevent metastasis in lung cancer. Lots of research has been done on hemp seeds and the benefits they can provide. Adding them to a salad might really do you some good.

3. Paper can even be made out of it.

Hemp crops can produce a lot more pulp than trees when it comes to each acre and doesn’t require anywhere near as long of a time frame to grow. You can recycle it without issue over and over but with normal paper you cannot. Hemp has been used as paper for thousands of years.

4. Hemp produces twice as much fiber as cotton per acre.

Producing clothing made from hemp is much more realistic. It produces more, doesn’t need as much water and won’t be as frustrating as cotton can be. It is more durable than cotton and a lot more comfortable.

5. Hemp can be used to make biofuel.

You can literally make biofuel from hemp oil. This is a very promising field that has not been tapped into yet. Many want to get on the train but so many refuse to allow it.

6. Hemp can even be made into ‘plastics.’

Hemp can be made into building supplies as mentioned above, but it can also be used as a proper feedstock for plastics. Ford even made a car from it once many years in the past. It is very strong and does the job without issue.

7. Hemp is super nutritious.

You can eat hemp without issue. It is very nutritious and contains a lot of fatty acids as well as calcium and iron. It could even be a very useful dietary supplement. You can make drinks out of it and so much more.

8. Hemp works wonders for our skin.

Chances are you’ve seen hemp lotions and so forth. These things really do great things for our skin. Whether you are using oil form or otherwise you will find that it really makes things soft and smooth.

9. Hemp can be used to clean up soil contamination.

Yes, you can use hemp to clean up soil. When it comes to chemicals and so forth we tend to forget how contaminated land itself can become. Hemp actually worked wonders on some of the soil in the Ukraine at the site of the Chernobyl disaster.

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