When it comes to relationships, we often believe that we give great advice to our friends and family, or even to ourselves. Or perhaps, we have been given what we think is great advice, that we are ready to follow; however, some of seemingly the best relationship advice is actually the worst. 

So before you begin following the relationship guru in your life, double check their advice against this. 

Be with someone who accepts you for who you are.

Uhm, no. Instead, seek a love that challenges your core self to be better. Not only should your true love challenge you to be better for yourself, it should also challenge you to be better in love, and in life in general. 

Play hard to get.

Games will ultimately lead you to hardship. Healthy partners don’t pretend to lose interest to gain it. They work through the most difficult roadblocks, and show their partner their true feelings. Pretending you aren’t interested will only confuse your partner, and your core relationship values.

Forgive and forget.

Just simply forgetting the past will not make it go away, and ultimately, you will eventually have to face the troubles you chose to try to forget. You can’t just forget your problems, whether you are speaking generally or in terms of love. Choose to work through the issues as they arise and watch your relationship flourish.

Age is only a number.

While age doesn’t make or break a relationship, sometimes, it can pose a difficult block in the way of true love, because it can place us on a different level than our partner. Anna Wood, dating and relationship expert explains that dating closer to our age benefits us in many ways. “You’ll have the same cultural references, interests, and grow into new life stages (including seniorhood) at the same time.”

You are perfect just the way you are. 

Actually, no. We are humans, and we are flawed. Relationships are supposed to help us to understand and grow through our flaws, not make us feel as though we are without flaws. 

Just listen to your heart.

Our emotions and our heart can be a liar. Don’t listen to your heart. It will tell us that our partners are the ones we should be with when we actually should be separating ourselves from them. Listen to your brain, listen to your logic and listen to your intelligence.

You never give up on someone you love.

Choosing to stay with someone who has proven time and time again that they don’t ;love you, and that they are never going to change or grow, is not only ignorant, it will ultimately lead to heartbreak. 

Look for someone who only shares your interests.

True love and good relationships include bonds between people who are inherently different. We don’t always share every interest with those we love and that doesn’t mean we aren’t in good standing, in fact it adds value to these relationships.  

If you are falling out of love, it’s over.

Relationships, even the best ones, go through periods in which we may feel as though we couldn’t be farther from in love with our partner. However, moving together through the hardships is what will often lead us to the best relationship possible. Use your intuition to understand the difference. 

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