Sure, we all make mistakes in our relationships at one point or another. This is not something we can avoid, as we are only human.

Mistakes are going to happen whether we want them to or not, but we can do our best to prevent the big ones. While you would assume it would be common sense some people don’t quite grasp the reality of some of the things they are doing. As a partner, it can be hard to deal with a major issue within the relationship especially when the other person is downplaying it.

If you are in a relationship with someone who is doing these things then he doesn’t deserve you and if you are doing these things within your relationship you need to shape up. Just because it isn’t a big deal to you doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider the emotions of who you are deeming your second half. You are not the only person in this relationship. These things could be the end of that happily ever after you think you have planned out.

9 Major Mistakes Most Men Make in Relationships They Don’t Realize Make A Difference:

1. You act like her fears are unrealistic.

If she is afraid of something then she is afraid of it. Making her feel invalid isn’t going to do any good. All you are doing is bringing her down and making her feel bad for being scared of something.

2. You give her the silent treatment.

When you are arguing you always resort to the silent treatment to get your way. You will go days without even saying a word to her and it really hurts. She feels abandoned when you do this even if you are still beside her in the same bed.

3. You walk away from her to make her feel bad.

You even do this in front of people. You two could be in the middle of a conversation trying to be civil and you just turn around and go do something else with no words. This is kind of really ridiculous and very disrespectful. It will leave her feeling like everyone in the room is staring at her.

4. You refuse to put forth the same amount of effort she does.

While you may think you are doing enough if you aren’t doing as much as she is you are slacking. She is not going to hold your weight for you. You both need to be making an effort within the relationship.

5. You don’t take her needs into consideration.

You only do what you want and make sure you are where you need to be. You leave her to fend for herself while she would never do that to you. You never stop to think if something might bother her or not or if she may be needing something or not.

6. You don’t make her a priority.

You put everything else and everyone above her. You would rather go chill with friends than spend time with her and you make her very insecure. This makes her feel completely unimportant even if you don’t see it.

7. You refuse to compromise on anything.

Every conversation about making a change ends in a fight. You don’t want to compromise about anything and because of this, she is very aware that you don’t care what she thinks. This is not a good feeling for her to have and as her significant other her opinion should matter greatly to you.

8. You force your decisions/opinions on her.

You want to control her at least in some form. You make her do or think in the ways that you do. You go out of your way to ‘fix’ her problems and you don’t want her thinking for herself. This is a terribly damning thing to do to someone.

9. You lie to her.

This could be a big lie or even a tiny lie, a lie is a lie. You cannot be dishonest with someone and expect them to still be alright with you and trust you. Trust is not easy to win back once it is lost.

While these things may not seem ‘that bad,’ they are. All of these things contribute to the ultimate separation. If you want your relationship to last these are the places you need to start.

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