Smudging is something that has been done for many many years. It is basically the act of burning herbs in order to cleanse a space, raise vibrations, begin a sacred ritual, or complete a seal of some kind.

While some people assume this is only something witches do that is just not the case. Anyone can practice smudging and actually it was even quite common across Native American Culture. All plants can be used for smudging within reason but herbs are what we most often opt for.

Below I am going to go over some of the most sacred and widely used herbs/plants used for smudging. While some seem to be best when used in specific situations it really boils down to what you resonate with be it one herb or multiple. Smudging is usually done using the smudge stick form of whichever herb you choose. This is not hard and as mentioned above can literally be done by anyone.

9 Different ‘Sacred Herbs’ and When to Use Each One For Smudging:

1. Sweetgrass

The smoke from braided sweetgrass is thought to attract positive energies and good vibes. It is used by many to purify the auras of others. It can be burned as a home blessing or even during a sacred prayer.

2. Lavender

Smudging with lavender is thought to bring forth peace and relaxation. If purity is what you seek lavender smudging is for you. This will have you feeling stress free in no time.

3. Sage

There are tons of different kinds of sage but the best, in my opinion, is white sage. They are most often used to get rid of negative energies or spirits. This kind of smudging brings forth a deep sense of wisdom.

4. Bay Leaves

Many smudges with bay leaves as they are known to bring success and power. For some reason, bay leaves evoke a lot more power than people think they will. This is something that will bring forth a lot of emotion.

5. Pine

Pine smudging is used to remove negative energies and also known to reverse hexes or curses. When burning pine it is said that those who wish to will be able to increase their concentration and clear their minds.

6. Basil

This kind of smudging is used for a lot of different things. It brings forth happiness and works to steady the mind. Some opt for it as it is said to attract love but I guess that depends on your beliefs. Either way, it does make the tension in the air basically melt away.

7. Juniper

Smudging with this is all about exorcisms and magic. This herb is able to refresh our energies and burn away any astral parasites that may have latched onto us in recent times. You cannot go wrong with juniper.

8. Cedar

Smudging with cedar is a very gentle yet unique push in the right direction. When we burn cedar we are creating a sacred space. In this sacred space, nothing can harm us. It is used for everything from banishing rituals to promoting good health.

9. Lemongrass

This is something we would smudge with when we think we need guidance. This is something that can be used to work with the energies around us to help us better communicate with the universe itself. This kind of smudging is perfect for ensuring you are ready to move forward.

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