Depression is something that many people struggle with. It is a very common and still very serious mood disorder.

Depression makes you think everything about you is worthless and it tears your image apart from the inside out. It makes you feel bad for existing and really lies to you within your own mind repeatedly as if it is a voice you just can’t get away from. Below are some of the lies that depression will force into your mind time and time again. Do not let your depression win, none of these things are true and things will get better.

9 Lies Your Depression Will Tell You That You Should Never Believe:

1. You are not fixable.

You are fixable but also you’re not as broken as you think you are. Just because things are a bit down in the dumps right now you will end up back on top soon. Things will be looking up if you continue on.

2. Nothing will ever get better.

Things WILL get better. Do not let your depression lie to you, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. The positive will find you when you least expect it. Perhaps you aren’t taking the time to get the help you need. Don’t feel ashamed, if you need help ask for it.

3. You are just a burden.

You are not a burden. No one thinks of you in that manner. You are someone that is loved and cared about by those who you might not even think of. You matter and if something were to happen to you it would have devastating effects.

4. You are not trying hard enough.

If you are doing your best you are trying hard enough. Stop selling yourself short. Baby steps add up to big steps in the long run.

5. Nothing matters anymore.

Just because it doesn’t feel like it matters doesn’t mean that it doesn’t matter. Depression will force you into thinking that even the things you thought were once so fun are no longer worth doing. This is not you this is your illness and it will be something you can overcome.

6. Maybe you’d be better off dead.

Death is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Depression is not going to be beating down on you for the rest of your life, you will see the good times you once held so dear again. For everyone who cares for you, please don’t give up.

7. Being alone is what you deserve.

No, but it might be what you need for a little while if you are too sick to get out of bed then take your time. Nothing should be forced and you should be able to deal with this situation as you see fit. Sometimes having others around will be overwhelming but they come around because they care.

8. No one cares about you.

The people close to you care about you. Just because you cannot see it right now doesn’t mean it isn’t there. You are loved.

9. You are so worthless.

You are not worthless, no one is worthless. In time you will find a sense of self-worth. Do not give up.

If you are struggling with your mental health don’t be afraid to reach out to someone. You are so much more than your mental illness and you can get where you want to be in life again.

Image via Health Line

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