Often, when we are talking about our dreams it is merely in the form of entertainment, laughing about the situations that may see, ‘weird’ or funny in some way. However, experts in dream interpretation reveal that there may be A LOT more to these experiences than we are aware of.

When you dream, this is a point where your most complex thoughts, feelings, and emotions begin to come forward. While you may already be aware of some of these, others have been buried away, unknown to you for months or even years. In order to unlock these secrets, we must take the time to decode these dreams. This deeper meaning may be hard to hear at times, but it can be incredibly important over the course of your life.

Experts recommend keeping a dream journal by your bedside, allowing you to write down all the details of your dream as soon as you wake up before you begin to forget. Even the smallest details, those that appear to be completely inconsequential, may have significant meaning. Don’t leave anything out! With this information you can contact an expert or begin to do your own research, revealing what your dreams are actually trying to tell you!

Here are 9 important reasons to pay attention to your dreams starting tonight:

#1 – Tap into Your Subconscious

Your dreams aren’t only fiction and fun, they are an opportunity to tap into your subconscious mind. These thoughts are the aspects of your mind that you are normally completely unaware of, however, they reveal an important aspect of your true self. These are the hidden sides of your personality that generally stay tucked away from the world, including your hopes, dreams, ambitions, fears, and anxieties. It is only by tapping into this side of your brain that you can truly achieve success and happiness.

#2 – Understand Yourself

Often throughout our lives, we find ourselves making decisions based on ‘a feeling’, unsure of the reason why but just knowing that it feels right. While this feeling may sometimes be out intuition talking, and we simply have to trust it, it may also be thoughts or feelings buried within us. When we dream, these thoughts and feelings often come forward and reveal themselves. You may have a dream about connecting with a crush that you didn’t realize that you felt that way about or reaching a goal you didn’t know you had. This allows you to better understand yourself and why you do what you do.

#3 – Signs and Symbols

Pay careful attention to anything that you notice occurs frequently in your dreams or holds a position of prominence. Do you see butterflies everywhere you turn? Do you notice that every dream leads to you carrying out the same action? There may be more to the message than just the surface level. Often objects or actions in your dreams are actually a symbol of something greater. They may symbolize your family, your friends, a specific goal or fear, etc. When you wake up, write these things down so that you can look into them and better understand what is actually happening.

#4 – Hopes and Dreams

What is it that you genuinely want out of life? If this is a question that confuses you, your dreams may be the key to discovering the answer. Pay attention to when you are living your ‘best life’ in your dreams, the moment where you feel like you’re achieving everything you could have ever wanted. What are you doing? Are there specific accomplishments that bring you true happiness? Applying this to your real life could make these dreams a reality.

#5 – Needs and Requirements

This is a point that many will include with your hope and dreams, but there is a distinct difference. These aren’t the things that you would ‘like’ to see happen, instead, they reveal things that we need in life in order to continue moving forward. It can be broken down to the most fundamental needs, for example, if someone is hungry they will often dream of eating. It may also be more complex, revealing our psychological and emotional needs.

#6 – Deeper Meaning

While it may be easy to dismiss your dreams as nothing more than a recap of the day you’ve just experienced, this couldn’t be any further from the truth. While you may relive some moments, they go so much further. This is the marrying of your conscious and subconscious minds, providing a balance that you aren’t exposed to anywhere else in life.

#7 – Messages from the Spirit World

It is said that sleep is the time in which you are most open to communication and contact from the spirit world. Therefore, if friends and loved ones are trying to contact you, this is the ideal time. They may actually appear in your dreams as you remember them, speaking with you or interacting with your directly, or they may communicate with your using signs and symbols.

#8 – Fears and Anxieties

Have you ever stopped to consider what you are truly afraid of and why? While the topic of fears and anxieties may seem incredibly easy and straightforward on the surface, it is often far more complicated than we realize. Pay attention to the situations that you are facing in your dreams as they may provide you with a deeper understanding of your fears. For example, if you notice in your dreams that your friends, family and loved ones are always leaving you, this could explain a fear of being alone or letting people down.

#9 – Change Your Future

Looking at all the aforementioned points, interpreting your dreams is an opportunity to genuinely change your future. This empowers you to understand why you are acting in certain ways, change the habits that may be holding you back, and overcome your fears. Furthermore, a better understanding of your goals and dreams can help to redirect your life in a way that will bring you true happiness.

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