Sometimes we get into relationships with people before actually seeing their true colors. Just because someone acts one way does not mean they are showing you their true selves, and this is something we all must understand.

You might not think you are stuck in a bad relationship, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t. Sometimes our partners are really good at manipulating us into thinking we have it a lot better than we actually do. Sometimes our partners are doing serious emotional damage without us even seeing it.

Below I am going to go over some of the more common signs that might indicate you are face to face with what we call an emotional psychopath. Emotional psychopaths are some of the worst kinds of people to find yourself stuck with. They will drain you of your energy and waste all of your time. They do not want you to feel good about yourself and they are going to really make life hell for you.

9 Early Warning Signs That Your Partner is An Emotional Psychopath:

1. They never let you win.

When you are with someone who refuses to admit when he or she is wrong, that should be a red flag. You don’t want to be with someone that is constantly squashing who you are like that. We are humans and no one is perfect, we will all be wrong at one point or another. This kind of thing can be extremely stressful.

2. They embarrass you a lot.

They are constantly making fun of you in front of other people or calling you out for things they should only mention in private. By embarrassing you, they feel like they are gaining more power over you. Don’t let anyone do this to you.

3. They are not consistent.

They are constantly getting your hopes up only to let you down. He or she never follows through. They say one thing but end up doing another.

4. They are unpredictable.

You never know who you are coming home to. They are moody and lash out. Sometimes they are kind and other times they are vicious.

5. They want all your attention but refuse to give you the time of day.

They want you to give them all of your attention but when it comes to giving you attention they refuse. You are nothing to them and to you they are everything. This is never a good place to be in within a relationship.

6. They refuse to support you emotionally.

They won’t be there for you when you need them. They refuse to be there when something is weighing you down. Your emotional state doesn’t matter to them, they want you to be torn up inside.

7. They blame you for everything.

They are constantly blaming you for everything. Even things you cannot control they blame on you. Their shortcomings always end up being passed onto you.

8. They are constantly bringing up your past mistakes.

Nothing you do is ever good enough. Everything you have ever done ends up being used against you. They do not know how to let anything go.

9. They never show true remorse.

When they do something mean they do not feel bad for it. They might apologize, but it is never sincere. They do not think you are on the same level as them.


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