We are currently all going through a shift in consciousness but that shift is not going to do the same things for everyone. Some of us are going to be moving forward and others might either stay where they are or move backward.

Ascension is something many people are not quite as aware of as they should be. It is something we experience when we are moving forward. When we reach a higher level of consciousness we are ascending. There are lots of symptoms of ascension and some of those symptoms are not widely known.

Below I am going to go over some of the signs that might indicate you are going through ascension of some kind. Once you identify these signs you can help yourself to grow further and benefit your own mind in a spiritual manner. Some of these things will be easy to face but others might be a lot more complicated to deal with than you’d think.


9 Ascension Symptoms You Might Be Experiencing:

1. You really feel like things are somehow falling into place.

Somehow even when things are literally falling apart you feel fine. You feel like the universe has your back. Everything that is happening feels like it is happening for a reason.

2. Your intuition is operating on a much stronger level.

Your intuition is keeping you on your toes. You are learning to truly trust your gut and not ignoring it any longer. Everything is beginning to make sense to you.

3. You notice more synchronistic numbers in your life.

You keep noticing repeating numbers within your life. You are finally really understanding what they mean and noticing them as they appear. This is a truly magical thing.

4. People are either coming into your life or leaving your life and making a huge impact.

You are changing in more ways than most people realize. People who don’t belong in your life are making their way out and positive connections are being formed. You are finally being surrounded by your true soul family.

5. You might seem a bit off the wall.

You might become a little bit emotional this is normal. As you are getting used to the energies before you everything will be a bit testy. In time though this should die down.

6. You are much more energetically sensitive than usual.

You are able to really feel the energies of the people and things around you. You are seeing things as they are instead of how you wish they were. This is something most people struggle with their whole lives.

7. You feel as if you need to go home, home to a place you do not know.

You feel a deep need to find where you belong. The universe is pushing you towards something you cannot yet see. While this might be a bit scary and feel quite lonely in time it will make sense.

8. Physically you may become a bit more ‘achy.’

Your body aches because of the energies now moving through you. You are beginning to feel things on a deeper level. As these energies find a place within you those aches will subside.

9. You question who you truly are.

You don’t really understand who you are at this point. Not much is making sense and you have a lot to work on. Don’t worry you will find yourself very soon.

Image via Sacred Ascension

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