In our relationships, we all want to feel wanted. We don’t want to feel like an ‘option.’

We put our partners first and expect them to do the same, but what happens when they don’t do the same? How do you let go of someone you have put all your efforts into? Even though they haven’t brought anything to the table it is still hard to let go.

When we feel neglected in our relationships, it can take a serious toll on our wellbeing. We literally turn into someone we are not and finding ourselves after is not easy. Below I am going to go over some of the more common signs that you should be leaving the person you are with.

These things are red flags that things are not going to change. Take a step in the right direction for yourself. You deserve better.

9 Clear Signs Your Partner is Never Going To Prioritize You:

1. You never feel like they pay any attention to you.

If you feel like this even after you have talked it through time and time again something has to give. We don’t just feel this way for no reason. Your partner should listen to the things you say and make sure that you are being understood.

2. You have to make excuses for their poor behavior.

This is one of the biggest red flags of them all. If your partner is doing things that make you feel bad and other people are picking up on it you should stop making excuses for him or her. Don’t settle, find someone who will make you feel great.

3. They are constantly canceling plans.

Sure, sometimes things come up but if something comes up just about everytime you’re supposed to go out there is a problem. Your partner is not putting you first. He or she is letting everything else take priority and leaving you last in his or her life.

4. They don’t care about your needs.

Your needs matter. You care about your partner’s needs and your partner should care about your needs. Everyone should be getting what they need out of the relationship.

5. You are constantly catching them in lies.

Your partner lies about some of the dumbest shit. You are constantly catching him or her in tiny white lies. This is not a good thing and should never be tolerated.

6. They are too controlling.

We are all controlling to an extent but too much is a very bad thing. your life is your life and you are the one who gets to make your decisions. You should be behind the wheel, not your partner.

7. When you need them they are never there.

If your partner is never there for you when you need him or her why waste your time? We are supposed to be there for each other when times get tough. We’re supposed to face the ups and downs together.

8. They never keep their promises.

People who really care about us will not make promises they cannot keep. If your partner is always getting your hopes up only to let you down just stop. There is no sense in being with someone who is like this.

9. They don’t make time for you.

If you rarely see one another and your partner cannot or will not make time for you stop wasting yours. Find someone that is going to make time for you and want to spend as much as possible with you. You are no booty call.


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