Sometimes love can be confusing, one minute you are head over heels and the next everything seems to be falling apart. Sure, we all have our ups and downs when it comes to relationships but knowing when you’re with the wrong person is important.

Whether there is an emotional connection but no physical connection or a physical connection but no emotional connection, you need to be able to come to terms with what is happening. When we are with someone we shouldn’t be with, your bodies do a great job of letting us know if we’re willing to listen. Don’t just dismiss your nervousness or other things of the sort so easily, they could be driven by something you might have never expected.

Because our subconscious mind is aware of things we are not, listening to the smallest signs is important. Your body is connected with the parts of you that your mind cannot get to and through embracing what they have to offer you can avoid some pretty toxic situations. Below you will find a list of things that our bodies tend to do when we are not with the right kind of man for us, if these things are happening to you maybe you need to consider a bit of change.

8 Ways Your Body Reacts To Being With The Wrong Man:

1. You’re having headache after headache.

As surprising as it might be headaches and relationships that aren’t working seem to go hand in hand. You are getting stressed and your body is making it known through this kind of thing. The more you ignore it the worse it will become.

2. Your anxiety is through the roof.

If you’ve never been much of an anxious person but all of a sudden notice the signs perhaps there could be more to it than you realize. This is your body’s way of letting you know what is happening inside of it. You’re piling things up without working them through and it’s taking a serious toll.

3. You’re not being satisfied sexually.

When we’re with the wrong people things don’t always mesh well in the bedroom. If you’re unable to climax this could be why. Take everything else into consideration and go from there. Just because you’re being intimate with someone doesn’t mean your body is getting what it wants or needs.

4. You keep losing your voice.

When we are constantly losing our voices or having a sore throat it can stem from a lot of arguing or nagging one another. While this kind of thing doesn’t always have to be present in a lot of situations it is. Being at each other’s throats all the time is not as normal as you might think it is. Sure, a little fighting is alright but if you’re hurting your vocal cords as a result perhaps listening to your body is a good idea.

5. You feel constantly tired.

When you’re with someone who isn’t right for you, they’re going to leave you exhausted. Your mind and body will both be extremely tired and feeling pretty worn out. This is because your partner wants you to be easy to control if you’re worn out you won’t have the energy to fight him off when he comes to argue.

6. Your gut is trying to tell you something.

Sometimes our gut feelings are actually real gut feelings. If he makes you feel weird when he’s around and leaves you in a state of sickness why bother being in his life at all? You can feel that something is not right, why aren’t you listening to your intuitive side? 

7. You’re not getting the sleep you need.

If you can’t feel comfortable enough to sleep next to him at night there is something seriously wrong. While you should take this as a red flag sometimes people try to ignore it. You need to feel safe when you’re all curled up and ready to sleep not as though you have to sit up wondering all night long.

8. You’re facing muscle tightness.

This kind of thing shows just how uncomfortable you really are with him around and it’s a sign you don’t need to be in one another’s lives. Why is your body tensing up so drastically? What has he done to make you so on edge?


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