We are surrounded by energies in every area of our lives, impacting our decisions, feelings, emotions, and ability to succeed in all that we do. By controlling the energies that we allow ourselves to be exposed to, we can, ultimately, work to influence our lives on a great scale.

The Law of Attraction states that what we focus on and put out into the world we will receive back in return. When looking at energy, if you embody negative energies, putting negativity out into the world, you will receive negativity in response. Conversely, if you make the effort to ensure that you are surrounding your self in positivity, and sending positivity out into the world, you will be blessed with positive energy in return. The deciding factor is you, and the effort you are willing to put into it.


While we can’t always control the energies that others are bringing into our lives, we can decide which energy we will allow to take residence. By actively banishing negative energy from our homes, workspaces as well as from ourselves, we can make room to welcome positivity in its place.

Cleanse your home of negative energies using these 8 techniques:

#1 – Crystals

The use of healing crystals is well documented over the years. Each type of stone or crystal carries its own healing ability, allowing the practitioner to heal ailments, banish negativity, attract positivity and protect yourself and your loved ones. Some well-known crystals for banishing negativity include jade, amethyst, quartz, citrine, and amber. These crystals can be worn in the form of jewelry, or placed in the room that you are looking to cleanse.

#2 – Rearrange Furniture

If a large item of furniture remains in one place for too long, it can cause the energy in the room to become stagnant. When energy isn’t moving, it hinders the ability for positive energies to move throughout the home. By rearranging a room, moving the larger items that are within it, you can free up the energy welcoming positivity into the space.

#3 – Clear the Clutter

While you are rearranging your rooms, pay attention to the items that you no longer need to hold onto. This may include items that can be sold, donated, given away to others that could use them or thrown out. Similar to the larger furniture items, clutter can hinder the movement of positive energy in the home. Clearing the items out regularly is important to free up the energy around you.


#4 – Smudging

The practice of smudging has long been used to remove debris and negative energy from a space. While there are a number of different plants that you can choose to burn for this technique, the most common today is white sage. You can create your own smudging sticks by binding the herbs, or purchase already made sticks. After lighting the smudging stick, it is the smoke that will clear negativity. Moving clockwise around your home, usually starting at the front door, ensure that you wave the smoke into each corner as well as across doorways and windows.

#5 – Sounds and Vibrations

By changing the vibrations within a room, you are able to impact the energies that take up residence. If you find that your home is full of negative energy, you can use music and sound to create a shift in the vibrations by using bells, singing bowls and rattles, or by clapping or singing.

#6 – Essential Oils

The use of aromatherapy has long been acknowledged for its ability to promote physical, mental and emotional healing, relieve stress, improve clarity, promote relaxation and cleanse energy in a space. To cleanse negative energy, diffuse oils such as black spruce, lavender, white sage, juniper, yarrow, or frankincense.


#7 – Houseplants

By bringing plants into your home, you can brighten a space and improve the flow of energy throughout your home. Select plants can also work to improve air quality, drawing toxins from the air. If you are looking to create an atmosphere of peace, calm and well-being, try adding a peace lily, jasmine, lucky bamboo or an orchid to your home.

#8 – Salt

Used as a cleansing agent in many cultures, salt has incredible powers for absorbing negative energy. Sprinkle salt into the corners of each room, and across doorways and window sills, and allow it to sit for approximately 2 days. Once the time has passed, vacuum the salt up and then empty the vacuum outside immediately afterward to avoid releasing the negative energy back into the home.

Featured Image via Conscious ReminderFeatured image via Conscious Reminder

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